Instant Knockout vs Hunter Burn – Which Can Burn (Melt) Fat Fast?

instant knockout vs hunter burn

instant knockout vs hunter burn

Instant Knockout vs Hunter Burn — Choose The Pro Fat Burner For Yourself!

So, you heard about these two fat burners, you might be wondering which works best, right?

Well, both of them are highly in demand among weight loss freak, because of their weight loss boosting properties.

However, for declaring one as the best, we need to do some research…

Fat Burners claim to speed up your weight loss, but what they actually are?

Well, these are naturally formulated composition which nourishes the necessary body function which prevents your weight loss and boosts fat accumulation.

In short, these sort of product boosts your body function to get you slimmer leaner figure you have dreamt for years.

Having different ingredients combination, every fat burner focuses to transform you in a slimmer you, with few major concerns.

Here, Hunter Burn and Instant Knockout — both product endorses themselves as effective fat burners and claims to slim you down quickly. However,

    1. Are they effective?
    2. Which one gets the best results?
    3. Which works best and is safe?

These are a few questions popping out in your head.

So, to justify it all and to extract the right answer, we’ve dug deep and researched the two products.

Eventually, this allowed us to get us the right info, facts, and figures that help us decide which fat burner is best, and for what purpose it suits best.

Well, before, we head on to our detailed evaluation, we would like to go through a quick comparison of the product. This will let you understand the two products to a slightly better extent.

So, let’s start with a quick recap.


Instant Knockout vs Hunter Burn – A Quick Comparison

Beforehand, we would move to the quick comparison, you should know that Instant Knockout and Hunter Burn are Best Fat Burner for Men.

Well, the fat burner at few factors emerges as of similar power but at a few factors, they have a tough fight.

Let’s check the comparison table to know more about the fat burners.










Fat Burning

Burn Body Calories

Reduces Hunger Cravings

Fuels Energy Levels

Boost Metabolism

Increase Focus

Mild Side Effects

3 pills a day

90 Days



Weight Loss & Weight Management

Increase Your Metabolic Rate

Resist Your Cravings

Supercharge Your Energy Levels

Improves Concentration

No Reported Side Effects

6 pills a day

90 Days



The fat burners’ info is exciting, isn’t it?

Well, they have been proven for their slimming efficiency, especially in men the results are tremendous.

Female users have also got significant results with the fat burners which are really amazing.

Moreover, having a sort of major efficiency the fat burner gets you the benefits you are looking for.

You are going to lose weight and acquire the figure you’ve been looking for. Besides, you get several offers provided by the manufacturers.

Doesn’t it sound good?

Evaluating products like these is a very tough task to accomplish. Being fat burners, both possess immense possibilities of slimming you down.

However, there are a few factors which we need to look for products which fall into the category.

This includes:

  • Fat burning
  • Suppressing appetite
  • Boosting energy
  • Excluding stimulant and artificial additives

Well, the above-mentioned factors are must-have properties in a fat burner.

Obviously, we’ve looked for these in the two popular fat burners. Further, you will read the features of the products in the next segment.

Firstly, we have sneaked peek into Hunter Burn vs Instant Knockout fat burner review to know more about the product.

Eventually, after going through this segment you would understand the two products in a better way with more details.


Instant Knockout vs Hunter Burn | Product Details

Firstly, when you hear about a fat burner, you need to know more about it, compared to what’s written on its official website.

Of course, there lies every good fact about the product to entice you to hit the buy button at the very moment.

So, in this segment, we have thrown light over product info to understand it a bit more than what manufacturers say about them.

Let’s start with the IK formula…

#1: Instant Knockout —The Fat Burner of Pro

Back-Up Your Lean Muscles And Burn Your Fat With The Pro Supplement!

The product ratifies itself as the cutting formula of the Pro Boxers and MMA fighters.

Simply, this supplement was formulated for Pro users, you want excessive fat burning results in no time while retaining lean muscle mass.

instant knockout bottle


Instant Knockout Ingredients include three-core ingredients with 10 in the total formula.

Eventually, this powerful formula sets your body function in the best mode. Hence, you burn your fat down like crazy.

What Can You Expect From Instant Knockout?

  • Faster Fat Burn
  • Better Lean Muscle Mass
  • Toned And Ripped Physique
  • Impeccable energy and stamina
  • Unbeatable strength

Well, not only fat burning but you are going to get loads of benefits with this amazing fat burner.

After reading this short Instant Knockout Reviews, you would be clear about the product. The next subsection holds info about the other fat burner which is Hunter Burn.


#2: Hunter Burn Hunt Fats For The Super-Busy Geeks

Faster Fat Burn Even In Your Busy Schedule with the Powerful Hunter Formula!

The fat burner endorses itself as the product which meets to the need of busy obese.

Life has become so busy that you don’t get time to hit the gym for hours or to keep with the dieting.

You just need a product that gives you faster results with the least effort from your side, and that’s what you get with Hunter Burn.

Hunter Burn Bottle


How’s that possible?

Actually, the amazing efficiency of the fat burner comes from the intricate powerful formula it encompasses.

The fat burner has ingredients in three major effects, which get you focused results.

What Can You Expect From Hunter Burn?

  • Easier & effortless weight loss
  • No requirement of starving Diet plan
  • Higher energy level
  • Good mood

Well, you get all of these from the fat burner which comes under the brand of HunterLife. Eventually, after reading this Hunter Burn Review, you knew the product in a better fashion.

Clearly, the two fat burners are presented as extraordinarily powerful formulas.

Being a fat burner, their working capability differs to some extent.

Besides slimming you down the product have immense power to produce some other results.

Moreover, both supplement has specific results that they deal in.

For instance, Instant Knockout works more like a cutting product in the form of a fat burner whereas Hunter Burn is a fat burner that meets the requirement of every busy obese on the street.

Further, if we talk about the efficiency of the fat burner, we require to seek fat burners efficiency in depth.

So, in the next segment of Instant Knockout vs Hunter Burn Review, we’ve shared our analysis of the fat burners’ formula. 


Active Ingredients Of Hunter Burn & Instant Knockout

hunter burn vs instant knockout reviews

In medical science, the best way to evaluate the efficiency of any kind of product is by researching its basic ingredients.

Each of the constituents is checked for its efficiency and productivity after which the real efficiency of the product comes to a conclusion. Evidently, we’ve evaluated each of the ingredients present in the two fat burners to see if they have got what they claim.

However, the best part about the fat burner is that they don’t possess proprietary blends. Simply, this means you get what you were looking for.

So, here is our in-depth analysis of the ingredients, check it out.

Instant Knockout ingredients

Instant Knockout formula consists of a completely natural formula.

Evidently, this indicates that it’s a low-risk formula and dedicated to safety factors which are necessary with such over the counter supplement.

With almost 10 powerful ingredients in the formula, you get immense power of fat burning at a higher rate.

  • Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI) [5mg]: Essential for internal metabolism and work best in improving its elevating fat loss.
  • Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) [10mcg]: Heightens metabolism and gets you breakthrough energy
  • Zinc (as zinc oxide) [10mg]:  Help maintain a lean composition; boost T-level to perk your fat loss.
  • GTF Chromium (as picolinate) [100mcg]: An underrated fat burning ingredient
  • Green Tea Extract (leaf) [500mg]: A key fat burning stimulant which boosts your metabolism
  • Green Coffee Extract (bean) [100mg]: Improves your metabolic activity to speed up your weight loss
  • Cayenne Powder (fruit) [100mg]: Highly thermogenic, contributes to metabolism, and targeted fat loss.
  • Glucomannan (konjac root) [1800mg]: As soluble fiber which works as an appetite suppressor
  • Caffeine Anhydrous [300mg]: Have thermogenic properties which help burn fat at a faster rate.
  • Black Pepper Extract [10mg]: Aids weight loss in numerous ways.

Clearly, the fat burning supplement has several powerful ingredients that get you such tremendous results.

After having a glance over Instant Knockout Ingredients, you can say it works.

Instant Knockout vs PhenQ


Hunter Burn Ingredients

Hunter Burn has completely different ingredients profiles which is safe and risk-free.

Actually, the fat-burning formula focuses on three major results which are Hunger Neutralizing, Thermo-Burn, and Energy.

Well, the exclusive formula gets you the immense power to grab such sound results with adequate servings of each ingredient.

Here are the Hunter Burn Ingredients which paly the main role in the tremendous results.

Hunger Neutralizer

  • Konjac Root (3000mg) Works an efficient appetite suppressor to control your daily calorie intake.
  • White Kidney Bean (500mg) Limits the amount of carbs absorption by your body to prevent potential weight gain.


  • L-Theanine (200mg) Widely used for reducing craving stimulation; also works as a calming agent
  • Cayenne Pepper (125mg) Great thermogenic properties help you burn fat at a faster rate.

Energy Unlock

  • Matcha Green Tea (200mg) Proven for elevating metabolism up to 35%
  • Vitamin D – Improves your Testosterone to boost energy and perk your fat loss up.

Evidently, Hunter Burn Ingredients is powerful enough to shut your weight off. Moreover, the enticing factor about them is that it has got ingredients in a very good serving size.

Hence, the results are quite expected from this strong fat burning formula.

Order Hunter Burn

Comparatively, the Instant knockout ingredient number exceeds the Hunter Burn ingredients.

However, when we come to serving sizes of each ingredients Hunter Burn has unparalleled ingredients sizes than any fat burner in the market.

Instant Knockout has excellent ingredients range which is diverse and distinct. So, the formula focuses on several effects in total.

However, when we seek to Hunter Burn Ingredients, they are added in a GroupWise fashion to get some specific results.

Evidently, this way seems to works and more appealing, as this allows you to know what you are getting as well as for what purpose.

Slightly, differing in the formulation of the results, effectiveness, and benefits of the fat burner. Hence, next, we have evaluated the benefits of the Hunter Burn and Instant Knockout product in major.


Instant Knockout vs Hunter Burn | What Are The Benefits Of These Fat Burners?

What to expect from a fat burner?

Obviously, weight loss, right!

However, a powerful fat burner does way beyond than just shedding your extra weight down.

A natural fat burner does not just jump over your fat to cut it down. It doesn’t work in that fashion at all.

The natural word at it initial means that it works naturally to improve your several body functions which are making you gain weight and preventing you from shedding them to make you slim.

Of course, when you will use these fat burners, you will receive some good benefits along with it.

So, let’s take a peek here in the benefits of fat burners.

Instant Knockout Benefits

The fat burner has a special formulation that favors weight loss. To make you slim, the product stimulates several body functions.

Eventually, you don’t only get slim but enjoy several benefits along with it.

Isn’t that amazing?

Have A Look At The Major Instant Knockout Benefits

#1: Fat Loss: Eventually, the fat burner speeds up your fat-burning rate to slim you down. For this purpose, the product elevates your thermogenic and metabolism.

#2: Lean Muscle Mass: Usually, people lose their muscle while trying to lose. However, with IK you will only burn your fat while restoring your muscle size.

#3: Perfectly Craved Physique:  Not only, you would lose fat and gain huge muscle size, but you will have a perfectly ripped and toned figure.

#4: Ultimate Strength and Stamina: It’s a fat burner, but works like cutting product, with which your strength and stamina crosses your limit.

Simply, the fat burner is really a cutting formula for Pro which gets you a tremendous number of benefits along with slimming.

Besides these, you will have improved energy, mood, and reduced appetite to combat further weight gain.


Hunter Burn Benefits

The fat burner hunts your extra stored fat and burns them down. Well, such results emerge by naturally stimulating several body functions.

Eventually, this results in ultimate weight loss with several other related benefits.

Have A Look At The Major Hunter Burn Benefits

#1: Faster Weight Loss: The fat burner fastens your fat loss by elevating the thermogenesis and metabolic activity of your body.

#2: Reduced Appetite: You don’t have to starve by dieting as the fat burner supplement lessens your appetite and restrict your calorie intake.

#3: Increased Energy: Even after working out for hours and sticking with your busy schedule, you would be full of energy.

#4: Improved Stamina and Mood: Busy schedule, workouts, and dieting, you would handle every all with elevated stamina and good mood.

Hunter Burn simply focuses on a good number of benefits which makes your weight loss procedure easier and effortless.

Besides that, you would have a boost in your strength which will elevate your performance at the workout.


Instant Knockout Benefits are sort of like a cutting supplement, you burn fat and restore muscle while perking strength, stamina, and energy. On the other hand, Hunter Burn Benefits are more to make your weight loss easier and quicker.

Simply, you can conclude that these products can be used for specific weight loss goals.

Even after being a working fat burner, side effects are common with products that fall in this category.

So, in the next segment, we’ve shared our evaluation in this regard. You would be able to know about Instant Knockout Side Effects and Hunter Burn Side Effects.


Instant Knockout vs Hunter Burn| Side Effects Of Fat Burners

Even after the manufacturer claims the product to be 100% safe, you need to make sure.

Well, with this type of over the counter supplement risk of side effects are common. Hence, you need to be sure that the product is safe to use.

In this segment, we’ve taken a peek into the potential safety issues with these fat burners.

Instant Knockout Side Effects

After carefully analyzing the formula of the fat burner, we concluded it offers a completely safe natural profile. Moreover, it is free of

  • proprietary blends,
  • artificial flavoring, and
  • stimulating additives.

NOTE: If you are sensitive to caffeine or you regularly drink coffee and tea, then, you need to drop it.

The reason behind it is the high caffeine content in Instant Knockout, which is not advisable to take along with tea or coffee.

You get 300mg of caffeine with the fat burner which is under the recommended daily intake of 400mg a day.

However, taking tea or coffee along with it can exceed it, which can result in:

  • insomnia,
  • constipation,
  • restlessness
  • headache.

Also, caffeine supplement intake is not advisable to pregnant women. Overall, we can conclude that Instant Knockout is very safe to take. However, you need to be sure about your daily calorie intake.


Hunter Burn Side Effects

Well, after evaluating Hunter Burn Ingredients Formula, we concluded that it’s natural and free from side effects.

Simply, the formula excluded any use of proprietary blends and a synthetic additive which makes the quality of the products poorer.

In terms of altering Ingredients, Hunter Burns encompasses Matcha Green Tea. So, it comprehends a good amount of caffeine and having coffee or tea along with can results in

  • insomnia and
  • high caffeine-related issue.

The fat burner is not advisable for the intake of pregnant women, as the amount of stimulant which can harm the unborn baby.


Simply, we can say that both fat burners are 100% safe to use.

You won’t be encountering any side effects while using these fat burners. So, you can use either of them to deal with your weight with no worries.

The fat burner embodies a very powerful formula that incorporates amazing efficiency which gives you tremendous benefits.

However, behind that, there is a specific role in their serving sizes and portion.


Instant Knockout vs Hunter Burn| What is The Ideal Dosage? 

Daily Serving size of the fat burner matter a lot.

For instance, if every pill of your fat burner has a good amount of ingredient, but the daily serving size is low like a pill a day.

In that scenario, Can you suppose good results?

Of course, Not!

One thing, that’s impressive with these dietary supplements is that they have the appropriate amount of ingredients necessary for results.

However, comparatively, Instant Knockout slightly fails to Hunter Burn fat burner in terms of ingredient quantity.

Actually, some of the Instant Knockout Ingredients are less to the ideal amount required for results.

Well, that goes adverse with Hunter Burn ingredient in their adequate required amount.

Here, we’ve compared the two fat burners, gauging how effective and practical the product is for daily use.

Instant Knockout Dosage

  • Take 4 servings throughout the day.
  • Every bottle of instant knockout comes with 120 pills, which is sufficient for a month’s supply.

Well, we find Instant Knockout Dosage distribution very intellectual.

Simply, when your spread servings throughout the day, you are ought to keep your metabolism at the top consistently.

Your energy level is at top and appetite in good control.

Moreover, 4 capsules a day is a good dose and it allows IK to provide you with the best benefits form the constituting ingredients.


Hunter Burn Dosage

  • Take 2 Capsules at breakfast time, 2 Before Lunch, and 2 After Dinner.
  • Every bottle of the Hunter Burn comes with 180 capsules.

This maintains your

  • fat-burning rate,
  • energy, and
  • thermogenesis at a top-notch level consistently.

Besides, your appetite remains in control for longer hours.

Really, Hunter Burn dosage is great and most importantly it’s safe.

It’s divided in three-part so you have a consistent supply of energy and constant control over appetite.


Evidently, comparing the dosage and serving of the fat burners, we concluded several facts. Well, instant knockout has a good dosage offered in the market by any fat burner.

With an optimal portion of glucomannan which has high thermogenic servings, you won’t find any fat burner in the market.

However, Hunter Burn Dosage stands out among every weight loss product in the market.

NOTE: Of course, it’s a lot of pills to take every day, that’s why it is advisable to take two capsules in three slots. This will be easier to handle the dosage and keep with it.

Besides being an effective fat burner, the major factor which makes it popular and an ideal option to go with is its cost-effectiveness.

So, in the next given section of Hunter Burn vs Instant Knockout, we’re going to discuss the price of both the fat burners that will help you decide which is the cost-effective out of the two.


Instant Knockout vs Hunter Burn | Price & Package Details

Prices of a product are one of the key factors to decide which the best is.

Well, if a supplement is highly efficient but available at a slighter higher price that doesn’t fit your budget, will you go for it?

Of course, not!

So here we tried to evaluate the price and offers between the two most popular fat burners (instant knockout or hunter burn).






1 x Instant Knockout Bottle

120 Capsules



1 x Hunter Burn Bottle

180 Capsules






2 x Instant Knockout Bottles + FREE Delivery in the USA & UK

240 Capsules




2x Hunter Burn Bottles+ FREE USA & UK Shipping

360 Capsules





3 x Instant Knockout Bottles + 1 FREE + Free Worldwide Delivery

480 Capsules



3x Hunter Burn Bottles+ 1 FREE + FREE USA & UK Delivery




Well, it’s clear that the product packs and offers are almost similar.

However, the price of Hunter Burn is very higher.  For one bottle of it, you pay almost $16 extra, for two almost $32, and for four you have to pay almost $40.

Simply, Hunter Burn falls on the pricey side comparatively.

Nonetheless, if you’re a super busy geek, go with Hunter Burn by spending a little extra as it’s a customized product for your specific lifestyle.

Lastly, we’ve shared our final verdict over the entire analysis of the two most popular fat burners.


Hunter Burn Or Instant Knockout | Which is the BEST?

After evaluating the Instant Knockout VS Hunter Burn on various factors, the results are shared below.

  1. Ingredients and Research: IK has the most diverse formula and HB has impressive Ingredients Serving
  2. Benefits: Specific benefits for a specific goal
  3. Serving Sizes: Hunter Burn
  4. Safety and Side Effects: Draw
  5. Cost and Value: Instant Knockout

Although these supplements fall to the same extent after this huge analysis.

However, whether it is Instant Knockout or Hunter Burn, both have incredible ingredients combination and they work.

Undoubtedly, you can use any of the fat burners for your weight loss.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that Instant Knockout is available at an affordable price. Nonetheless, Hunter Burn is good at what it focuses on.

If you want to burn fat and have toned figures like bodybuilders – Go for Instant Knockout


If you are a busy geek troubled with weight— Go For Hunter Burn


Well, we hope that the blog helped find you the right fat burner for your weight loss.


Instant Knockout vs Hunter Burn | Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have addressed some of the questions most commonly asked by our readers in relation to fat burners.

We receive questions asking why they should use them and how they will affect bodies and physiological functions.

You will find the answer to all these questions and more in the below section.

Plus, we will also address some of the queries directly related to Hunter Burn and Instant Knockout.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

#1. Why should I take fat burners? Is it safe?

Fat burners work at bringing about some physiological changes in your body. The fact is losing weight inherently depends on lessening the number of calories you eat per day.

A fat burner aids this process by suppressing the need to eat often.

Thus, helping to put a stop at extra calorie consumption and weight gain from it.

Some fat burners also have energy boosters that can help power up your workouts for added fat loss.


#2. Can women use Hunter Burn and Instant Knockout?


Both Hunter Burn and Instant Knockout are suitable for use by men and women alike.

Based on our research, these fat burners also cater to the female population as the ingredients are effective for their body as well.


#3. Are there any artificial stimulants in any of these fat burners?


We surveyed through each and every ingredient in the above Hunter Burn vs Instant Knockout comparison.

 Evidently, we don’t find anything artificial to stimulate fat-burning effects in the body.

However, both Instant knockout and Hunter Burn have caffeine in one form or the other as a natural stimulant. 

Instant knockout has caffeine anhydrous while Hunter Burn has very little caffeine in the form of matcha green tea.

So, you might want to consider Hunter Burn if you want minimal caffeine in your supplement.


#4. Are there any harms to using fat burners that contain caffeine as a stimulant?


As previously mentioned, caffeine is a natural stimulant. So, it’s not particularly harmful.

NOTE: The only danger is when you’re sensitive to it or have a caffeine allergy.

Most people can tolerate about 400mg per day. This is almost the same amount as in four cups of brewed coffee.

So, the supplements shouldn’t cause a problem for you unless you have a problem with daily caffeine intake.


#5. What are some of the common ingredients used in Instant knockout and Hunter Burn?

Here is a list of the ingredients Instant Knockout and Hunter Burn share:

  • Konjac root extract – A dietary fiber to suppress cravings, appetite, and overeating. Instant Knockout has 1800mg while Hunter Burn has 3000mg.
  • Green tea – Boosts metabolism and breaks down fat stores. Instant Knockout has green tea at 500mg but Hunter Burn has 200mg of matcha green tea.
  • Cayenne – Rich in capsaicin to trigger thermogenesis for burning fat cells. Instant Knockout caps this ingredient at 100mg but Hunter Burn has 125mg.


#6. Which supplement has the optimal dosage of all the ingredients?

Both Instant Knockout and Hunter Burn have an optimal dosage of all the ingredients. Plus, the constituents are dosed at clinically safe amounts.

Hunter Burn just has more amounts per serving with a high serving size of 6 pills per day.


Instant Knockout has more ingredients divided into 4 pills per day dose.

Pick the one you’re comfortable taking on a daily basis.


#7. What kind of results can I expect with the regular use of Hunter Burn and Instant Knockout?

After using the pills for the recommended amount of time, here are the most likely scenarios as per real users:

  • Less body fat around the belly and thighs
  • More energy for daily chores and other physical pursuits
  • Improvement in muscle tone due to fat loss
  • Better diet management and eating habits
  • Less fatigue and tiredness throughout the day


#8. Are Hunter Burn and Instant knockout suitable for vegetarians and vegans?


Both the fat burners contain gelatin as an inactive ingredient. So, they are not vegetarian or vegan friendly.


#9. Can I use these fat burners if I’m not 18 yet?

No, Hunter Burn and Instant Knockout are only suitable for people who are over 18 years.


#10. Hunter Burn vs Instant Knockout – which one offers faster results?

Instant Knockout and Hunter Burn Results are likely to show up within 3 months. Though, improvements are evident within 2-3 weeks of use.

Try to be patient and follow a healthy diet and exercise program along with the pills.

Most importantly, don’t just switch from one weight loss solution to the other and wreak havoc on your body.

Try using the pills for the recommended time strictly according to the instructions on the bottle.

So, which fat burning supplement fits your weight loss requirement?

Do tell us in the comment section right below.

Still, If you’ve any doubt regarding fat burner supplements, you can go through the comparison chart which will help you to choose the Best Fat Burner among the two.


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