What Vitamins and Minerals Are Good For Losing Belly Fat?

vitamins for weight loss

vitamins for weight loss

Weight-loss remedies have been the most trending topic for ages!

But can you trust a random remedy for losing your stubborn fat layers?


Remedies do not work when you have stubborn layers of fat all over your body. But if you know the root cause of you gaining extra fat layers, we have a solution for you!

Most people gain extra fat levels because of their slow metabolism. This could be because of their lack of interest in physical activities or because of their binge eating habits.

But whatever it is, there is one solution that works just the right way on your metabolism.

However, we must not ignore the fact that some people have a genetically slow metabolism.

What could be done for them?

Well, we have with us the Vitamins for weight loss and metabolism which not only work on slow metabolism but also have an effect on other areas of fat production.

In the following blog, we help you analyze these vitamins closely and help understand how they work and what results they can provide.


Vitamins For Weight Loss For Females

Many vitamins work efficiently in getting rid of stubborn areas of fat like belly fat. However, before we take you a step closer to understanding how these vitamins work, you must know about what metabolism is.

Thus, let us first have a look at Metabolism and its aspects.

Metabolism – What You Must Know!

Metabolism summarises all those biological reactions going inside your body which convert food into energy.

When these reactions occur, the calories going inside your body through food materials combine with the oxygen and releases energy to continue some important functions.

Even when your body is at sleep, metabolic processes go on converting calories into energy.

Now the question here is how can metabolism be connected with weight-gain?

Let us find an answer to this question to help you understand why vitamins are good for losing belly fat.

What Is The Link Between Metabolism And Weight Gain?

As you already know that whatever calorie you take in, when converted to energy, you must know that a fast metabolic rate will burn your calories better.

But when your metabolism is slow, you will take longer to burn these calories and eventually start putting on weight.

Now you must be wondering about how vitamins and minerals control metabolism?

Vitamins And Minerals – How Do They Affect Metabolism?

There are many vitamins and minerals which help keep your metabolism right.

They have a very different role in boosting your metabolism.

All those biological reactions going inside your body need these vitamins and minerals as enzymes to release energy and store it.

Thus, without adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, your body won’t be able to burn calories into energy.

Now you see how vitamins and minerals can prove to be metabolism boosters and help you out in melting away all your belly fat.

With that being said, let us have a look at some of the best vitamins to take for weight loss.


Vitamins And Minerals For Boosting Weight Loss

Here are the vitamins and minerals that you can go for if you wish to lose your belly fat naturally.

#1. B Vitamins

B vitamins have an important role in boosting your metabolic rate. The vitamins which come under the B group are:

  •       Vitamins B12
  •       Biotin
  •       Folate
  •       B-6
  •       Pantothenic acid or B-5
  •       Niacin or B-3
  •       Riboflavin or B-2
  •       Thiamine – B-1

Let us help you understand the actions of some of the major B vitamins.

Vitamin B5

Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5 is known to balance the levels of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids in your metabolic system.

Apart from that. It also has control over your nervous system as it keeps it healthy and boosts its healing process during injuries.

Moreover, it also works along with other Vitamins from the B group to help in relieving stress.

Other benefits of Vitamins B5 in your body are:

  •       Boosting good cholesterol levels
  •       Reducing bad cholesterol levels
  •       production of vitamin D ( important for weight loss)

Vitamin B12

You must have come across many websites that claim that a quick shot of B12 will get you an easy weight loss journey. Well, we cannot say that it will immediately work on your fat levels but it surely has links.

B12 has an active role in metabolism and boosts the conversion of food into energy.

Other benefits of Vitamin B12 in your body:

  •       Production of red blood cells
  •       Maintaining iron levels
  •       Boosting energy levels

However, all the vitamins which come under the B group work together to boost your metabolism. Thus deficiency of any one B vitamin can hamper the working of other vitamins.

Let us now give you a list of foods which you can try to get Vitamin B in your diet.

Sources of Vitamin B

Good choices of vitamin B rich food sources can be:

  •       Meat and seafood
  •       Barley and brown rice
  •       Dairy products
  •       Eggs
  •       Fruits like bananas, apples, and many more
  •       Nuts
  •       Vegetables like spinach

However, vegans might find it difficult to get adequate quantities of Vitamin B12, as it is mostly found in animal products.

But they can still find it in some other sources like:

  •       Plant-based milk
  •       Yeast
  •       Breakfast cereals which are fortified

Next, we have a look at Vitamin D.


#2. Vitamin D

Two studies were conducted concerning Vitamin D content in old women and young children respectively.

The studies showed that candidates with high-fat levels had lower Vitamin D levels as compared to candidates with less fat levels.

However, researchers are still confused about whether Vitamin D has a role in regulating weight.

But it does prove that Vitamin D has positive regulatory control on blood sugar and insulin levels in diabetic patients.

Moreover, a study was conducted on postmenopausal women suffering from type II diabetes, back in 2016 to check if Vitamin D controls blood sugar.

The lady was given yogurt which was fortified with Vitamin D.

It showed not only an improvement in blood sugar but also saw a reduction in the waist size of the women.

Another study showed that combined levels of Vitamin D and Calcium can be good for reducing weight in postmenopausal women.

Next, we look at the sources of food which can be good choices for getting Vitamin D in your body.

Good sources for Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight. But here we’ll be discussing some food sources which can give you the right balance of Vitamin D.

Foods rich in Vitamin D

  •       Eggs
  •       Fishes with high-fat levels
  •       Cod liver oil
  •       Beef liver
  •       Dairy products
  •       Breakfast cereals which have been fortified

However, if you are overweight and trying to fix your weight problems just with the help of vitamins, we suggest you think over.

Even the best vitamins for women’s weight loss won’t be able to help you if you don’t make changes in your lifestyle.

Next, we have a look at Calcium.


#3. Calcium

As we mentioned earlier that Calcium when combined with Vitamin D has an essential role in healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels, there are many more studies that you must look upon.

Research conducted back in 2010, showed that when high levels of calcium and Vitamin D are combined they aid in diet-managed weight loss.

Moreover, another study conducted in 2007 showed that calcium boost weight loss in people suffering from Diabetes Type II.

But, these were older studies and recent researches are still pondering over the connection of calcium with weight loss.

However, we came across a fact that said, Calcium binds to the fat cells present in GI that prevents fat from being absorbed in your bloodstream.

With that being said, let us have a look at the food sources which will bring you rich calcium levels.

Food sources for calcium.

Even though there are some of the best metabolism booster pills for weight loss available in the market, you should trust some food sources:

  •       Milk
  •       Yogurt
  •       Cereals fortified for Vitamin D
  •       Leafy vegetables
  •       Seeds
  •       Almonds

Next, we have a look at Iron which is another important mineral for boosting metabolism and consequently weight loss.


#4. Iron

Iron has a pivotal role in correcting cell functions and the production of hormones. But what else makes it important is its role as an enzyme in metabolic processes.

It is also important for your important bodily functions as it carries oxygen all across your body.

If anyone has low levels of iron in his body, you might not have enough oxygen levels in your muscles for carrying out a daily gym routine.

Moreover, muscles which will be low in oxygen levels, will not be able to burn enough fat for fuels.

Low iron levels will also affect your healthy metabolism process.

Let us now look at some of the rich sources of iron that you can munch on for natural weight loss.

Food sources for iron

  •       Meat
  •       Beans
  •       Cereals fortified for iron
  •       Brown rice
  •       Nuts
  •       Leafy vegetables
  •       Tofu and soybeans

However, you must note the fact that iron can also be harmful to you when overdosed. Thus, make sure that you consult your doctor to be sure about whether you have iron deficiency or not.

Next on our list of best women’s vitamins for energy and weight loss, we have Magnesium.


#5. Magnesium

Magnesium is essential for healthy metabolism as the reactions cannot take place without magnesium being present.

It has many benefits like calming your muscles, refreshes your mind, and also makes you enjoy a quality sleep which altogether has a great impact on weight loss.

There have been many studies that claim magnesium to be a savior as it helps treat many diseases.

With that being said let us look into some of the food sources rich in magnesium.

Food sources for magnesium

  •       Nuts and seeds
  •       Legumes
  •       Spinach
  •       Bananas
  •       Salmon
  •       Potatoes


#6 Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been a famous remedy for treating cold and flu. But what else has it got in its bucket?

This vitamin keeps your energy levels high as it has got a positive role in keeping your metabolism high.

It not only converts food into energy but also acts as an antioxidant blocking free radicals.

Vitamins C also has a role in repairing your injured tissues, forming collagen, and helping in relieving stress.

Thus, it has got an overall good – benefits scorecard for your body.

With that being said, let us have a look at some of its good sources.

Food sources for Vitamin C

  •       Citrus fruits
  •       Guavas
  •       Kiwi
  •       Bell peppers
  •       Strawberries
  •       Broccoli



Weight loss is not as easy as popping a pill and watching all your fat layers melt away like wax!

But it can be easy if you go through a proper diet and a good workout regime.

If you already have these two ready, all you need is the right booster!

And here we have just what you need.

The weight loss of vitamins!

Our above blog deals with how vitamins can help you lose weight by just boosting your slow metabolism.

If you read our above sections carefully you will also find how to get the right sources of these vitamins on your plate.

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