Prime Male Reviews: Is It The Best Testosterone Supplement?

Prime Male Review

Prime Male

Testosterone Booster 9.9
Muscle Mass Builder 9.7
Greater Libido 9.8
Mood Enhancer 9.4
Fat Burner 9.5


  • Encourage Muscle Building
  • Higher Sex Drive
  • Harder and Longer Erection
  • Shed Excess Weight
  • Enhances Cognitive Function


  • Available Only On Official Website
  • Premium Priced Product
  • Not Suitable For Vegans

About Prime Male – An effective, all-natural supplement to boost your testosterone

Prime Male is a breakthrough testosterone boosting formula that introduces the real power of testosterone.

The product contains a combination of 12 powerful nutrients to create a propriety blend that can fire up your natural testosterone production.

With the amazing T-Booster, get ready to be a healthy, fit, hard-driving, energetic man, you used to be in the 20s. Moreover, no supplement provides you with the formulation of 12 such crucial T-boosters in these accurate daily dosages.

Furthermore, Prime Male Testosterone Booster Ingredients are 100% natural which makes it safe and effective to use.

The supplement focuses on stimulating the natural male hormone production in order to fire up your T-level. With better and improved body function your T-levels perk up.

A better testosterone level directly put more out from your regular training session. Hence, With Prime Male dosage, get ready to have massive size and bursting energy levels.


Enter a Whole New Reality of Testosterone-Enriched Vitality with PrimeMale™


Well, in this Prime Male review we present you with the unbiased facts about this natural testosterone booster. The efficiency of the Prime Male supplement lies in its unique and potent formula.

Therefore, here we’re going to share Prime Male Ingredients in the next given section of Prime Male Reviews to see what science has to say about them.


Prime Male Ingredients – What’s In It?

The ingredients of the product are precisely selected based on their T-promoting properties.

Moreover, the supplement gets you the benefit of 12 specific ingredients which aids the production of Testosterone.

The hike up testosterone level gets you the intense benefits of the workout. Henceforth, you bulk up and achieve the massive size that you have dreamed of.

Now, let’s take a look at the Prime Male Ingredients Label to see what makes this testosterone booster an effective formula.

Prime Male Review


One of the studies concluded that the regular uses of D-AA increased the level of Testosterone by 42% in just 12 days. Moreover, the supplement has Calcium Chelate form (D-AA-CC) – more effective than the typical D-AA. It’s more soluble in water, which makes it easier to absorb without gastrointestinal discomfort with the usual D-AA.


BioPerine is an enhancer that is famous for boosting your body’s absorption of nutrients. Furthermore, the regular intake of BioPerine can actually improve the absorption of nutrients by 20 times.


Boron boosts the production of free testosterone and restricts it from transforming into estrogen. Again, it’s added in chelate form making the formula more effective. One study revealed that daily consumption of Boron increases free testosterone by 28% and reduce estrogen level by 39%.


An ancient medication used in Asia for centuries to have a long life and improved health. Numerous studies found it elevates T-levels in lab animals. In human tests, regular intake of this ingredient significantly improved their sexual performance, erectile function, and sexual satisfaction.


In an inspection of moreover 1,400 compounds, the ingredient emerged as the best inhibitor to estrogen production. Henceforth, it stimulates androgens to create more testosterone, naturally.


SHBG is responsible for binding most of your free testosterone. However, Magnesium reduces your SHBG levels, so you have more free testosterone. Further, the researchers found that Mg has the ability to increase T-level in men who don’t exercise at all.


The higher level of Prolactin (a female hormone) in men results in a lower level of T-levels. Well, the extract is efficient in reducing prolactin level to balance up normal T-levels. Additionally, it’s an advanced source of L-Dopa which promotes HGH and T-levels.


Again, the extract binds with SHBG, so more testosterone is free for use. It comprises of beta-sitosterol which also aids in elevating T levels. Furthermore, it also reduces the level of estrogen. Prime Male ingredients mainly use roots in their formula because they have sound effects than other parts of plants.


First, your body produces androgen- a predecessor of testosterone. Here, B6 excites the androgen receptors so that your body pumps more testosterone into the bloodstream. According to studies, lack of Vitamin B6 results in a 74.5% drop in T levels. Besides that, it also assists your body in absorbing Zinc and Magnesium which are again Prime Male ingredients.


A study conducted by Stanford University found that Vitamin D controls both testosterone and estrogen. Apart from this study, after a year another research was made. The study concluded that supplementing with vitamin D had boosted the T-levels of Participants by 20%.


A study revealed that lab rats that were fed Vitamin K2 for 5 weeks have boosted T-levels by 50%.

#12: ZINC

Low zinc levels prevent the pituitary glands from releasing luteinizing hormone (LH). Well, the hormone is necessary to stimulate testosterone production. Moreover, your body doesn’t store or produce Zinc, so, you need to take it through eatable or supplements.

Well, these were the effective ingredients that are used to create an amazing testosterone booster. Evidently, the constituents used to create this amazing formula acts as T-booster.

Hence, with this supplement, you get assurances of testosterone benefits. Prime Male Ingredients only doesn’t make it work; its working mechanism plays a vital role.

Let’s move ahead towards “Does Prime Male actually Work?” in the next section of Prime Male Reviews.

Prime Male Review


How Does Prime Male Work?

Well, the supplement releases the essential nutrients which compensate for the struggling metabolic pathway to provide with higher T-levels.

The manufacturer of the product calls these 12 vital ingredients ‘Anti-Aging Dirty Dozen’. It’s because these nutrients play prominent roles in slowing down the aging process.

The supplement has carefully team 12 vital ingredients to yield an ultimate testosterone booster. Basically, the T-booster works by several modes of actions like:

  • Elevating the testosterone promptly by exciting.
  • Assisting other hormones in the surge of testosterone production.
  • Blocking change of testosterone into estrogen.
  • Improving the bioavailability of protein-bound testosterone.

Even, unsure of its effectiveness of the T-booster?

You might be thinking- does Prime Male really works?

Well, we have resolved your query in the next given section of Prime Male reviews 2020.

Does Prime Male Testosterone Booster Work?

Yes, it works! 

The Prime Male Ingredients altogether create an amazing formula that stimulates your testosterone production naturally. Several studies on its ingredient particularly back up its claims.

D-AA, fenugreek, zinc, and boron are proven testosterone booster.

  • Magnesium promotes blood flow throughout the body;
  • Vitamin B6 regulates blood pressure and might aid sexual dysfunction.
  • Vitamin D3 may prevent bones from softening and end up strengthening them.

Besides these factual terms, the real effectiveness of supplement can be considered from the users’ experiences.

Prime Male Review


Prime Male Customer Reviews

When you’re evaluating a testosterone booster, it’ really important to go through market reviews and customer feedback regarding the supplement, in order to know the effectiveness of the T-Booster.

Nothing is better than to talk to the real users if it’s about a product’s worthiness.

Frankly speaking, we’ve never seen SO MANY positive customer testimonials of a testosterone booster as we have with Prime Male.

Here’s we’re sharing few real Prime Male Customer Reviews with before and after results in the next given section.


Prime Male Testimonials | Before & After Results

There are numerous users who shared their incredible experience with the product. Their Prime Male Before and After Results are just irresistible.

Check out here…


NAME: Troy, United States

AGE: 41 Years

GOALS: To Increase Power and Improve Stamina Level

Prime Male Review

JULY 2015

After using the prime male for a month, I can feel the strength when I hit the gym. It just 2 weeks and I can the difference. I can’t wait for my next order. A trustworthy product!

Thanks, Prime Male for getting my youth back!


Mainly, my goal was to gain stamina and improve my sex drive. Well, I used the product for about 5 or 6 months. I felt a great elevation in my strength and while working out, cardio just became easier for me.

I cut down almost to 20 pounds, thanks to my improved stamina.  Moreover, my sex drive is on the roof.

I was so overwhelmed with the product that I order it again. So I am hitting the gym aging to have a cutting figure. I am feeling young; this has brought my confidence back. I can’t imagine where I would be without the t-booster.

Among all testosterone products I have used, I would rank Prime Male #1.


NAME: Teionne, United States

AGE: 40 Years

GOALS: Enhanced energy, weight loss, and muscle gains.

Prime Male Review

I started looking for a T-booster when I turned 40.

This change has made me feel exhausted, unmanaged weight gain and lazy. I no more had any drive or want to work out. I read several reviews online about this T-booster and loved the fact that it was natural.

After that, I decided to make my wife get me a bottle and it loved the difference I had in the initial couple.

It feels magical, I have more power, I feel like training a lot and my new energy level let me complete my workout regimen. I hadn’t concerned about the libido problem but it’s an added bonus.  

I extremely recommend Prime Male, you will not be dissatisfied.

These Prime Male Before and After Results and Prime Male Customer Reviews clearly states that how effective the T-booster can be.

Moreover, the users clearly depict the effects of higher testosterone level which didn’t elevate energy but help in weight loss. Furthermore, they end up having the bulkier physique they have always dreamed of.

The T-booster Releases “t-troops” into your blood and watches your testosterone levels, strength, energy, libido, and vitality soar!

Prime Male Review

Well, not only this, there are numerous benefits of this booster. Next, let’s determine Prime Male Benefits in the following section of Prime Male reviews 2019.


Prime Male Benefits

Evidently, the supplement formula majorly deals with to assist the male hormone. Henceforth, to yield you the max advantages of testosterone. The male hormone can get your workout results double up.

Moreover, the product has got the natural elements for promoting the body to work more dynamically, more efficiently. This will help you bring back the time when working out and daily activities were quite easier and painless.

Well, the supplement has got a lot in its amazing formula than just dealing with the T-level. Let’s check them out!!


The product has got the power to fire up your energy level. Hence, with perk up the energy level, you can hit the gym with more vigor and enthusiasm and complete your daily training sessions.


More workout increases the risks to the bone and the entire skeletal system. The supplement makes your bones stronger. Hence, this lessens the chances of bone fractures which is widespread among most bodybuilders


The supplement works as a mood enhancer. A good mood is critical to ensure you are mentally ready for weightlifting and daily workout challenges.


The supplement is boon for older men, who are desperately looking for something that can help their libido. Apart from that, the product pumps your energy level which is crucial for muscle growth and bodybuilding.


Higher T-levels are directly linked with greater and healthier physique. With your male hormone at best, you will bang on every workout. Meanwhile, shedding your unnecessary extra fat, you will gain more lean muscle than ever.


The testosterone booster has got a lot more to provide you with. It betters your cognitive performance, an essential formula for a successful bodybuilder. Besides that, it enhances your prostate and cardiovascular health, reduces BP, controls blood glucose and gets you healthier skin.

Well, these were the specific benefits that several users have experienced. Besides these, there are lots more you can discover with the supplement.


Order PrimeMale™ & Drive That Testosterone Loss Has Taken From You … FAST!


Prime Male Side Effects

No Major Side Effects!

So far, we haven’t heard any Prime Male Complaints that can raise your concerns. However, the interaction of products varies from users to users. Well, according to some one’s specific medical case we cannot say much.

That’s the reason why a few people have reported mild headaches. This can be because of allergy to a specific ingredient otherwise the supplement is very safe to use.

Moreover, the natural formula of the product declines any presence of side effects. However, this varies from individuals to individuals.

Besides that, the manufacturers have advised sticking to the ideal dosage.

Next head towards ideal Prime Male Dosage…


How to Take Prime Male?

It is quite simple!

Here, we’ve shared Prime Male Daily Dosage. Well, one bottle of the Prime Male T-booster has 120 capsules. You are directed to take 4 capsules a day.

Each of the red pills has 750 mg of the supplement.

You can break down your supplementation into the following routine.

  • First In The Morning With Breakfast,
  • Second In Midmorning With A Snack,
  • Third In The Afternoon After Lunch
  • Forth In The Evening With Another Snack Or After Dinner.

Following the ideal dosage is quite essential for getting the max result from the testosterone booster. Well, from the above discussion about this incredible T-booster, one thing is clear that Prime Male can transform your life. It’s a dietary supplement that lets you enjoy the max benefits of the supplement.

You can attain the max benefits of your workout sessions; all you need to do is add this T-booster in your daily regime.

The specialized blend of effective ingredients can let you have muscle growth, improved sex drive, and improvement of overall performance.

In the next given section, we have shared where you can buy the supplement and its pricing details so that you can get the supplement with ease.


Prime Male – Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It?

Order your monthly supply from its official website

The company sells the product only through its official portal. So, there’s zero probability to find the product elsewhere. The manufacturers have taken this strict action in order to exclude the chances of fake products.

Well, the Price of Prime Male on the official website is mentioned below:




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$ 69.00

1x Box + 1 FREE Box of Prime Male 

Contains 2 Boxes of PrimeMale -240 Capsules




4x Boxes + 2 FREE Boxes  

of Prime Male 

Contains 4 Boxes of PrimeMale - 720 Capsules





          2x Boxes + 2 FREE

         Boxes  of Prime Male 

Contains 4 Boxes of PrimeMale - 480 Capsules




Currently, there are a SUPER SAVING offers running on Prime Male. Take the advantage of this ultimate deals before it’s too late!

For a LIMITED TIME period only, enjoy Prime Male testosterone booster at our lowest price ever.

You can buy the pack of 2 Prime Male at the price of just 1 at $69.00 only. Simply, you are paying just around $35.00 for a single Prime Male testosterone booster.

On purchase of 2 Prime Male boxes, you will get 2 boxes FREE for just $138.00. This super deal offer will save big for 4 months (this is the best deal you will ever get on any globally popular product)

Last but not least… This is the Best Deal for You!

On purchase of 4 Prime Male Boxes, you get 2 Free for only $276.00. Plus, you’ll get worldwide free shipping along with to cut down the fuss of shipping charges.

This Deal is Valid for Limited Time Only!

Don’t’ Delay! Hurry up! Grab the Deal! 


NOTE: Prime Male is not available at GNC, Amazon, or Walmart. Well, the products sold on these stores are counterfeit which has just the name of the genuine T-booster but no effectiveness.

Prime Male Amazon

The leading e-com portal sells almost every product you require. Moreover, you can get Prime Male Amazon. Well, these are fake t-booster with the name of the original product. Further, surfing the product on the web might seem surreal because of Prime Male Reviews Amazon.

However, you might be unaware that the Amazon Reviews are marketing tactics. These are paid, so these are written in a way to make the product exaggerated which makes it seem genuine.

Prime Male GNC

GNC is a well-known America based company. It mainly deals in health and nutrition-related products, which include vitamins, minerals, diet, sports nutrition, and energy products, etc. legally, it’s not authorized to sell the Prime Male Testosterone Booster.

As Prime Male GNC is bogus, this isn’t going to get you any benefits. Well, you can go proceed with it if you want to waste your money which is gonna result in nothing in return.

Prime Male Walmart

Same is the story with Walmart, the Prime Male can be found in its retail stores. However, these are linked to the widespread chain of fake products.

Buying T-booster from here would get you nothing more than a fake product that excludes the money-back guarantee. And also the numerous benefits you get with the original product.

Prime Male Walgreens

Walgreens is the second major drugstore chain in the United States. Again, the store doesn’t possess the authority to supply the T-booster. Although, you find Prime Male Walgreen on its shelf doesn’t surprise. It’s the same fake product you have come across.

It’s clear that these e-stores sell fake Prime Male which is no worth for your bodybuilding requirements.

This website makes it easier to supply a counterfeit. Evidently, the major reasons for selling these fake products are to earn illicit revenue by fooling people.

Buying a genuine product is much better than saving a few bucks. So, we’ll advise you to go order through the Official Website. Furthermore, you’ll get many benefits too.

  • 90-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Genuine Product
  • Free Delivery 
  • Bulk Buying Offers
  • Freebies & Money-Saving Deals

So, why you are waiting?

Prime Male Review


Lastly, we’ve shared our final review on the product, just scroll below…


Final Verdict

After evaluating every essential aspect, one thing is clear- Prime Male is a T-booster on which you can rely on!

The products get you the optimum advantages of higher T-Levels. Ultimately, you are powered up with gigantic muscle size and intense energy and strength.

What can you expect from the supplement?

  • Build lean muscle to become stronger quicker
  • Shed excess weight, more importantly, the irking belly fat
  • Evade insulin resistance to regulate a balanced blood sugar
  • Overcome fatigue and increase energy to the extreme
  • Improve mood to obtain new confidence
  • Sharpen your mind and improve cognitive function

Moreover, the testimonial of the testosterone product reveals the amazing results, which again acclaims its effectiveness.

Stop experimenting your body with unproven products. Get the potent T-booster that comes from a reputable company and gets you the max results.



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