Hunter Test vs Prime Male: Which Should You Try? In-Depth Review

Hunter Test vs Prime Male

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Hunter Test vs Prime Male

Hunter Test Vs Prime Male | Battle of Best T-Boosters Begins

Hunter Test vs Prime Male – both T-boosters sound good. However, which holds the most powerful formula?

We’ve done a side-by-side analysis to find the true champion testosterone booster!

Low testosterone problems are common among men all around the world. That’s why testosterone supplements have got a major break these days.

Well, you can find numerous such products in the market with some mind whopping claims, but not all of them work.

However, in these two popular T-boosters, you can be assured of higher T-levels. With highly potent ingredients compositions, you are certain to get results…

But which gets you the best benefits?

Well, that’s yet to be figured out. So, let’s check the T-boosters on several factors to find out which is the most effective.

Do these popular T-booster live up to the internet hype or fails to get you impressive results!

Let’s start our Prime Male vs Hunter Test analysis with a quick recap on the two T-boosters.


Hunter Test vs Prime Male | A Quick Recap

Each testosterone formula has a few factors distinguishing it from other products in the market. Of course, the fact goes with these bestselling T-supplements.

With the power of their unique ingredients, they hold some astonishing benefits. Besides, the manufacturer has added some filthy deals to make it worth.

Here’s what you need to know about Prime Male vs Hunter Test in brief.

Hunter Test vs Prime Male











Reverse Testosterone Decline And Reignite Your Masculinity


Boost Testosterone Levels

Elevate Body Composition

Lifts Mood And Libido

Enhances Overall Health

Relieves Stress

6 pills in a day

(180 Capsules)

No Info

90 Days 

Free USA & UK Delivery

(Offer Applicable On Specific Packs)


Higher Testosterone Levels


Boost Your Cognitive Functions

Improves  Your Sex Drive

Enhances Your Stamina And Energy Levels

Improves Your Overall Physical Performance.

Burns Stored Fat

4 pills in a day

(120 Capsules)

Mild Side Effects

90 Days 

Free Worldwide shipping + FREE USA & UK Shipping

(Offer Applicable On Specific Packs)


Clearly, Prime Male vs Hunter Test Have Got a Tough Fight!!!

Well, these testosterone boosting formulae are highly appreciated and share several key ingredients with remarkable differences.

So, in these reviews, we aimed to help you decide which one to go with.


Prime Male vs Hunter Test – Important Aspects to Consider!

To compare the popular testosterone booster, we took several factors into account to contrast each product.


  1. Does the product deliver the same benefits as promised by the manufacturer?
  2. Which gets you the best band offer for your bucks?
  3. Are the formulations safe to use?

After reading this in-depth analysis, you won’t have any doubt which of the two T-booster is BEST for your need.

We have checked the T-booster for…

  • What is it?
  • Ingredients
  • Benefits
  • Side Effects And Safety
  • Pricing

Lastly, we’ve shared the conclusion by summarizing all the facts discussed in the Prime Male or Hunter Test fare.

So, let’s start at…


Hunter Test Vs Prime Male| What’s the Difference?

Obviously, both products are testosterone boosting supplements grabbing similar kinds of effectiveness.

The T-pills might fall in the same category product, still, we’ve encountered several factors distinguishing them.

That’s why we have tried to know what is endorsed.

#1: Hunter Test — The T-Booster for Busy Geek!

hunter test bottle

The premium testosterone product is specially designed to meet the need of people stuck in a super busy schedule.

Obviously, the power pack formula holds tons of benefits to perks your T’s even when you are rest.

Well, with a highly potent ingredient blend, the supplement is ready to perk your test up in no time.

Actually, the product comes under the newly introduced brand HunterLife known for the range of products for busy freaks. Well, hearing this stuff seems very relaxing for one who has very little time for workouts.

But, there are several other exciting facts of Hunter Test such as:

  • Amplifies Muscle Mass
  • Ignite Energy
  • Elevates Performance
  • Improves Mood
  • Boost Your Drive

This Hunter Test Review allowed you introspect in the product.

Absolutely, it’s the perfect option for one looking for major T-boost coping up with an intense schedule.



#2: Prime Male — The Ultimate T-booster for Huge Muscle

prime male

The T-booster not only assures you higher testosterone level but bigger rock hard muscle.

Yes, the product elevates your test efficiency to release more male hormone which is responsible for muscle growth.

Besides, the supplement tremendously stimulates the functions required for leans muscle gains.

Evidently, the t-booster is like a potent bodybuilding product while delivering you the benefits of higher T levels along with real muscle gains.

That’s why the T-booster is highly popular among athletes and fitness fanatic looking for similar benefits.

But, there’s a lot more to expect with Prime Male such as:

  • Feel like half of your age
  • Testosterone level like never before
  • Huge muscle size
  • Enhanced strength power and libido

After reading out, Hunter Test, and Prime Male Reviews, you got to know what these T-boosters are actually made for.

Enter a Whole New Reality of Testosterone-Enriched Vitality with PrimeMale™


Hunter Test is a finely crafted testosterone supplement appropriate and adequate with one stuck in their busy schedule.

On the other hand,

Prime Male is like a God Product for people dealing with minimum physique and low testosterone.

Next, we sneak peek in the Hunter Test vs Prime Male Ingredients. Of course, this segment allows you to know the real efficiency of the supplements.


Hunter Test vs Prime Male | What Are The Ingredients?

Hunter Test vs Prime Male

Both supplements have a similar focus, similar benefits, and similar ingredients. This is why you can receive some similar advantages using either of the two.

However, there are a few exclusive ingredients present in the supplement to get you some unique benefits.

Here, we’ve thoroughly analyzed the formulation of two testosterone to evaluate the efficiency of supplements.

Prime Male vs Hunter Test | Similar Ingredients

#1: Vitamin D3

Actually, vitamin D3 is not really a vitamin but a pro-hormone having a strong association with testosterone and all other sex hormones.

That’s why research concluded vitamin D deficiency as a major cause of low testosterone levels in men.

#2: D-Aspartic Acid

Mostly known as D-AA, D-aspartic acid is categorized as a non-essential amino acid. Obviously, the ingredient is quite common in the product falling in this category.

It is one of the proven natural testosterone boosting ingredients and popular for the same reason.

#3: Asian Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is another same used for this ancient herb found in Asia. Well, research has proven its effectiveness in terms of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Also, it reduces muscle damages, improves libido.

#4: Boron

A study concluded 10 mg daily intake of the dietary mineral can boost your T-level by 28% in just a period of a week.

The same study, also stated boron consumption degraded estrogen levels by 39%. Besides, Boron helps your body grasp more vitamin D.

Exclusive Hunter Test Ingredients

#1: Ashwagandha (300 mg)

Ashwagandha is a popular Ayurvedic herb used for long for the same purpose. It’s known for its properties like elevating men’s vitality and virility.

Recently, the ingredients have made its place in the composition of high-quality T-booster for this good reason.

#2: Indole-3-carbinol (200 mg)

Mostly found in green veggies, indole-3-carbinol (I3C) isn’t hyped for its T-boosting properties. Well, that’s because it’s doesn’t seem to have an effect on the male hormone directly at all.

However, the compound works as an estrogen blocker helping to maintain higher T-levels.

Read more about Hunter Test ingredients in detail.


Exclusive Prime Male Ingredients

#1: Mucuna Pruriens (300 mg)

Velvet bean is another name used for Mucuna Pruriens growing on trees. Also, it’s a source of L-DOPA, known for boosting testosterone.

Besides, researches also indicate its benefits towards elevating man fertility. Still, it’s unclear that the results are similar to infertile or already healthy men.

#2: Nettle Root (160 mg)

Nettle root has the ability to ascend your male hormone production. However, with brief scientific evidence, we’ve nothing much to say for now.

Read more about Prim Male ingredients in detail.


Prime Male vs Hunter Test ingredients has got the power!

Sharing some common ingredients, and keeping the formula distinct with some exclusive ingredients, the T-booster seems impressive.

Most importantly, none to the two products encompass proprietary blends, they have mentioned all the constituent which is impressive.

The product comprises only clinically studied ingredients to assure safety and certain claims.

Looking at their composition separately, we can say that they worth what they claim.

Hunter Test Ingredients seems to possess the specified ingredient deliberating the benefits it asserts too.

On the other hand,

Prime Male ingredients have the power to boost your male hormone while boosting your muscle health.

Let’s further move to the next section of the Prime Male vs Hunter Test to see which of the heavyweight contenders of the testosterone world grabs the maximum benefits.


Hunter Test vs Prime Male| Benefits

What are the first benefits you can expect from this T-formula?

Of course, a higher testosterone level!

However, these powerful natural formulations have got a lot more to do. These supplements hold a number of advantages other than that.

In this segment of the Prime Male vs Hunter Test, we’ve shared some of the other amazing benefits of these testosterone formulae.

#1: Hunter Test Benefits

The T-booster is for the busy ninja, the supplement goes with what it’s endorsed to do.

Well, the supplement flogged for greater testosterone health to people with an intense schedule.

Here are some major expected Benefits of Hunter Test Booster.

  • Heightens your testosterone level in no time
  • Perish low mood and low energy level
  • Revives you with activeness
  • Boosts your mood and motivates
  • Nourishes muscle mass

Other benefits are:

  • Involves findings of latest scientific research
  • Comprises high-grade T-boosting constituents
  • No synthetic ingredients or additives
  • 100% plant-based formula
  • Bigger dosage and heavier serving sizes
  • Manufactured under cGMP and FDA regulations in the UK and USA

Hunter Test gets you breakthrough benefits, as mentioned and claimed by the official website. Further, let’s take a peek in Prime Male Benefits.

Hunter Test vs Prime Male


#2: Prime Male Benefits

Prime Male is a natural male hormone enhancement supplement to help fight physical wear over time.

Eventually, the supplement helps to boost function to enhance your body to work more dynamically.

With selective ingredients combination, it gets you some astonishing benefits.

Let’s check out some major advantages of the testosterone product.

  • Improvement Of Lean Muscle Mass
  • Upsurges Your Stamina
  • Reduces Of Body Fat
  • Mood Upgrading
  • Greater Self-Confidence
  • Improved Psychology

Other benefits are:

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Zero additives and preservative
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Good value
  • Website-only purchase

Prime Male also has a number of benefits that advance your overall health while boosting testosterone.

Obviously, the supplement is going to bring some spectacular change in your physique besides upsurging your male hormone.

The products enthrall some amazing testosterone benefits making them the best option available in the market.

Prime Male contains the abridged power to advance your overall health focusing on muscle gain and performance.

On the other hand,

Hunter Test backs you with the vitality required to cope with the daily life energy struggles.

Specifically designed testosterone supplement suits what they are designed for.

So far, Prime Male vs Hunter Test seems to have a tough battle.

Obviously, their benefits are impressive enough to grab your hands over.

Still, you need to be sure of the safety factor with over the counter supplements.

order prime male


Hunter Test vs Prime Male | Does It Contain Any Side Effects?

After evaluating the products over several factors, we checked the two for safety factors.

Well, if we talk about the composition, the T-boosters have clean formulation with no proprietary blends present in them. Obviously, the product has a plant-based formulation.

So, the chances of side effects are likely not possible. Still, let’s check out what the facts state.

Are There Any Hunter Test Side Effects?

Hunter Test possesses a completely natural formula free from proprietary blends.

Straight away, it sounds safe in terms of side effects.

The t-booster only contains highly researched and proved working ingredients free from side effects.

Excluding all the harmful synthetic elements, the supplement us easily and safely processed by your body with zero side effects.

Keeping this in mind, we can mention there Zero Hunter Test Side Effect, you can use it for long term with no worries.

NOTE: Hunter Test is quite a new testosterone supplement available in the market. So much of researches are required for this product in term of safety and side effects.


Are There Any Prime Male Side Effects?

Prime Male testosterone supplement contains 100% natural and organic ingredients only.

Hence, if any Prime Male side effects occur, it will be minimal. While evaluating the formulation we’re unable to find out any major side effects associated with the T-booster.

However, we recommend you consult with a nutritionist and doctor before using any such product. Well, It’s strongly suggested when you are already on medication.

Some Minimal Prime Male Side Effects includes:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Headache
  • Upset Stomach
  • Mood Swings

As a conclusion to this segment, both the T-boosters are pretty safe to use.

Mild side effects can be ignored, which occurs due to body adaptation to the supplement.


Next, in Prime Male vs Hunter Test Reviews, we’ve evaluated the price factor of the supplement.

This will help you to see which product offers you the best deals.


Hunter Test VS Prime Male | Price & Package Details

Well, the T-boosters offer you similar deals, in both scenarios, you receive freebies when you grab bigger packs.

Both the testosterone supplements provide you good deals and exciting offers with each pack.

Here, we’ve shared a quick comparison of the two supplements to see which one has the best deal.





x1 Hunter Test Bottles

(180 capsules)




1x Box of PrimeMale

(120 capsules)




x2  Hunter Test Bottles

(360 capsules)

Free USA and UK Delivery




2x Boxes of PrimeMale

(240 capsules)

 FREE USA & UK Shipping




3x Bottles of Hunter Test+1 Free

(720 capsules)

Free USA and UK Delivery




3x Boxes of PrimeMale + 1 FREE

(480 capsules)

FREE Worldwide Shipping






4x Boxes of PrimeMale + 2 FREE

(720 capsules)

+ FREE Worldwide Shipping



Clearly, Hunter Test is a bit more expensive than Prime Male Testosterone Booster.

However, Hunter Test Price’s worth for what it gives, its dosage is much larger than the other product.

Still, Prime Male with the slighter lower price getting you an attractive deal. Evidently, it’s a decent testosterone booster and it definitely worth its price.

Prime Male vs Hunter Test—The best thing!

  • Free Shipping
  • Money-back guarantee deal
  • Freebies
  • Discount

And a lot more!

These exciting offers with the two supplements make them a great deal to go for.

Here we have shared Prime Male vs Hunter Test FAQ’s which will help you to get all your doubts clear.


Hunter Test vs Prime Male – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some most commonly asked questions by our readers in regards to Prime Male vs Hunter Test.

We’ve tried to address these queries as per the information we got from the official site. So, this should further help you decide which T-Booster is the perfect fit for you.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

#1. How Am I Supposed to Be Taking These T-Boosters?

You need to religiously follow the per day dose according to the serving size.

Accordingly, neither take more nor less than the recommended number of pills.

Here are the daily dosage details.

Hunter Test Dosage

  • Take 6 capsules per day
  • Follow a serving size of 2 pills 3 times a day for easy consumption
  • Take each dose with sufficient water intake
  • Try taking the pills with meals or snacks

Prime Male Dosage

  • 4 capsules per day dose
  • Take 1 pill 4 times a day
  • Keep a gap of at least 3 hours between each dose
  • Take pills with meals or snacks
  • Have enough water for complete absorption of nutrients


#2. Prime Male vs Hunter Test – When Do I Get to See the Results?

Well, this question concerns the time both these T-Boosters will take to work.

There is no shortcut to testosterone boosting. Consequently, you need to be consistent with the dosage for a few weeks to get fast results.

Here are the details.

Hunter Test Results

If we take what the makers say at face value, you’ll have to take this pill for at least 3 months to get maximum results.

Though, expect to see improvements even after 3-4 weeks. Men using it often report feeling more energized and losing fat mass with daily use.

And here’s what Prime Male offers!

Prime Male Results

Men using it often report feeling a difference after just 2-3 weeks.

Further, we investigated the site to find the exact duration. It seems Prime Male also takes around 3 months to show full effects. Though, some men experienced a higher sex drive and energy in just 2 weeks.

Nevertheless, the duration of the results may also vary depending on your goals. For instance, building muscle mass may take longer than gaining stamina.

In any case, be patient to reach your specific goals before switching to other T-Boosting solutions.


#3. Does My Age Also Determine Which T-Booster I Should Use?


Both Hunter Test and Prime Male target different age demographics.

 Hunter Test is more inclusive in its approach. Any man above 18 can use it. 

So, young guys who are skinny and unable to put on lean muscle mass can opt for Hunter Test.

Otherwise, those who feel fatigued due to low T can also take it until they feel more energy and enthusiasm to tackle daily chores.

 But Prime Male follows a unique approach when it comes to T-Boosting. It works mainly for men who experience multiple repercussions of low T with age. 

After 30, testosterone declines by about 1% each year. So, it’s the time when things go awry and men begin experiencing the effects of aging.

Consequently, Prime Male hits this main subgroup and is specially formulated for men over 30.

Pick any one by comparing Hunter Test vs Prime Male on the basis of your age, goals, and budget!


#4. Prime Male vs Hunter Test – What is the Money-Back Guarantee Policy?

The manufacturers of both these supplements offer a money-back guarantee.

Though, there are some terms and conditions…

Hunter Test Money-Back Guarantee

 There are 90 days money-back offer available on buying Hunter Test. 

But to get this offer, you’ll have to try the supplement for at least 3 months.

This automatically implies you’ll have to buy the Hunter Test ultimate package to get assured risk-free refunds.

Prime Male Money-Back Guarantee

 Similar to Hunter Test, Prime Male also offers a 90 days money-back guarantee. 

And people can avail of this scheme on buying a 4 months or a 6 months supply package.

These packs also have free worldwide shipping. So, the deal doesn’t seem bad at all. Lastly, we have summarized the entire facts in the pros and cons segment.


Hunter Test vs Prime Male | Pros and Cons

Hunter Test



Natural formulation

Slightly expensive

Free from common allergens – safe to take

Only available on the Official Website

In-depth and well-researched composition

Impeccable servings of D3, boron and other ingredients

Includes a robust form of Asian ginseng


Prime Male 



100% natural formulation

Uses less-than-recommended servings of boron

Comprises several T-boosting nutrients

Nettle root doesn’t have scientific proofing
Encompasses indorsed serving of vitamin D3

Less D-Aspartic acid quantity than Hunter Test

Mucuna Pruriens is shown to increase testosterone

Only available on the Official Website


Prime Male Vs Hunter Test Battle Ends Here!

Hunter Test, advanced testosterone identifies itself as the best premium product for higher testosterone levels.

However, the costlier side makes it not so familiar choice, but you can ignore the fact it works!

On the other hand,

Prime Male grabs the power to uphold your T’s while putting more to your muscle.

Simply, it’s a T-booster cum bodybuilding supplements.

Lastly, we’ve shared the results over our in-depth analysis of the two testosterone booster ( Prime Male vs Hunter Test).


Hunter Test vs Prime Male | Which T-Booster Wins The Battle?

Both T-booster holds immense results!

However, in the two most effective testosterone product only one can be the winner. Here, the spot is grabbed by Prime Male testosterone booster.

With major working ingredients and stunning muscle-building benefits, the supplement transforms your physique.

Prime Male is a majestic testosterone booster with great efficiency. The supplement provides:

  • Impeccable muscle size
  • Greater energy and stamina
  • Boosted strength and sex drive 
  • Better mood and confidence 
  • Power to cross your limits

And much more!

On the other hand,

Hunter Test is a good formula for folk stuck and occupied having lesser time to work out.

Well, we hope that the blog helped find you the right testosterone booster.

So, which testosterone supplement fits suits your requirement?

Do tell us in the comment section right below.

Still, If you’ve any doubt regarding testosterone supplements, you can go through the comparison chart which will help you to choose the Best Testosterone Boosters.


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