TestoGen vs TestoFuel – Mind Blowing Results | REAL Comparison!

TestoGen vs TestoFuel

TestoGen vs TestoFuel

TestoGen VS TestoFuel – Testosterone Booster Reviews

TestoGen Vs TestoFuel! Are you jammed between the two champions of testosterone boosters?

Well, this revolutionary t-formulae has been ruling the market over the years. Probably, picking out the best among these best is the toughest task at hand.

These highly in-demand testosterone boosters encompass stunning muscle-building benefits that are set to give you a superb defined physique.

However, buying a product just after falling for fancy packaging or claims of the products is really idiocy.

The reason is that these groundbreaking power of testosterone can transform your physique from top to bottom.

With a higher t-level, you can keep your head high with exceptional energy and stamina. Besides that, you get some stunning benefits:

  • More lean muscle
  • Super defined toned physique
  • Boosted libido
  • 100% natural formula and lasting results
  • Exclude proprietary blends
  • Reach your peak performance

Well, such amazing benefits, with such supplements, aren’t that a good deal. Nonetheless, you can get all of the above-mentioned results; all you need to do is—right T-booster.

Here, we’ve shared a deep comparison of the two testosterone boosters to pick out the best product for you. Before we head on to the analysis, let’s have a glance over the quick comparison of the product.


TestoGen vs TestoFuel—The Battle Begins!

TestoGen vs TestoFuel – A Quick Comparison!

Substantially, the best way to understand the difference between two testosterone supplements is to have a quick comparison. Hence, we’ve compared the two very popular testosterone booster – TestoGen vs TestoFuel on the basis of a few factors.

Let’s have a look…




Key Benefits

Any Drawbacks


Women Friendly

Money-Back Guarantee





Wolfson Berg Limited

Boost Testosterone Level

Enhance Libido & Sex Drive

Provide More Energy & Stamina

Burn Body Fat

Build Lean Muscle Mass


2 Months On & 1.5 Weeks Off


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Fast & FREE Shipping



Roar Ambition

Improves Libido & Sexual Function

Enhances Muscle Gain

Increases Endurance

Prevent Muscle Loss & Fat Gain

Rectifies Erectile Dysfunction

Extra Shipping Charge 



90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

FREE Shipping Available On Specific Packs



Comparatively, TestoGen seems to be a clear winner. Whether it is the astounding benefits or superb buying deals TestoGen offers much than TestoFuel.

Clearly, TestoGen has got the power to get you sound results in a small time. However, we can’t ignore the fact that TestoFuel also has a stronger formula that can help you to gain more testosterone.

Read real facts, side effects, ingredients, prices and TestoGen reviews from people who bought this testosterone booster.

So, let’s move further to the next section to see which product has the real unmatchable power to transform your testosterone levels. Hence, we’ve investigated the working mechanism of both TestoFuel and TestoGen to find out the best testosterone booster.


The Working Mechanism Of Testosterone Boosters

Throughout TestoGen vs TestoFuel fight, keep in the mind, the two T-boosters are designed to the same extent to evolve similar effectiveness i.e. — To Boost Your T-Levels Naturally!

Actually, the claims of the products seem like that of steroids, but it isn’t so. These are naturally created supplements from selective potent ingredients to influence your testosterone production.

Moreover, the ingredients included in the composition are safe and backed by science.

Well, for such effectiveness the product uses a distinctive working mechanism, which however seems similar. Right below we’ve discussed the working mechanism of both the supplements.

testofuel vs testogen

TestoFuel vs TestoGen—How do they work?

When assessing the two TestoFuel vs TestoGen, it’s surprising to jot down that both are formulated in somewhat identical ways.

The T-boosters enhances your male hormone production three identical ways:

  • More T-Production: the T-booster promoting testes to boost the production of more male hormones naturally.
  • Binding SHGB for more free T: SHSB stands for (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which counterattacks free T and kills it. Eventually, your free testosterone decreases. However, the product binds SHBGH so, you have more “free male hormone” to get you the real advantages of Test.
  • Estrogen ratio: sometimes, the higher estrogen level also decreases your efficiency in workout training. So, the supplements maintain your testosterone to estrogen ratio to improve your T-levels.

Why Is It Important to Raise Testosterone Levels?

It’s simple!!

Testosterone is the natural steroid, produced by your own body. No synthetic steroid can give you such results as it does, excluding side effects.

Actually, it’s the most powerful anabolic which can yield you impressive muscle gain in no time.

These natural t-boosters directly facilitate testosterone to get you the desired bodybuilding results you’re looking for.

Expected Benefits 

  • Boosting energy reserves—Male hormones can improve the production and consumption of serotonin, which is a mood enhancer. The higher it is, the more you will be focused, motivated, happy and energized.
  • Nurturing bone density—Not only testosterone nourishes your overall health, it leverages your iron level, which improves bone density and health making it stronger.
  • Reducing undesirable body fat—Good level of T improves the rate of lipolysis (fat breakdown), this makes you appear more ripped and toned muscles.
  • Amplifying muscle gain and rate—The higher your testosterone is the higher will be your muscle gain. That’s what it is called the king of muscle building.
  • Can improve fertility— Having a better testosterone level can improve your fertility as it elevates sperm count, and produce highly fertile tiny wrigglers.
  • Enhancing strength—Again, it’s directly linked with your male hormone. Hence, higher testosterone can elevate your strength which is necessary for high power workouts.

The T-boosters have a very simplified but operative working mechanism that focuses on major factors that elevate your testosterone production. Simply, you can improve your male hormone by using testosterone supplements.

Even having a similar working mechanism, the effectiveness of the two-testosterone supplements varies and is distinctive.

Let’s take our investigation further, and explore the ingredients formula of TestoGen and TestoFuel to see which has got the real testosterone boosting power.


TestoFuel vs TestoGen – What Are The Active Ingredients In It?

TestoGen vs TestoFuel

Simply, the best way to analyze the efficiency of the supplement is to examine its composition.

Does it contain the ingredients that possess some properties? Or, the composition is out of the box?

Well, when we applied the same to these revolutionary testosterone formulae, the results stunned us. Not to our surprise, some of the major ingredients were similar.

TestoGen Vs TestoFuel— Similar Ingredients

Undoubtedly, the testosterone supplement has some similar ingredients. That’s why some of the benefits associated with them are also alike.

Simply, the two products fall in the same category and serve the same. So, it’s nothing surprising.

The identical constituent you would find in the TestoGen and TestoFuel is:

  • D-Aspartic Acid— A powerful constituent which is proven for boosting T-production
  • Vitamin D—  It also elevates your T-levels.
  • Vitamin B6— Raises the strength and competence of testosterone.
  • Magnesium— A mineral that increases T-stores, particularly when united with exercise.
  • Zinc — One of the best ingredients known for T-boosting properties.
  • Fenugreek— Boosts the free T that SHBG binds.
  • Red Ginseng— Lifts free testosterone, damages the function of estrogen, and also perks up fertility.

It’s worth highlighting that products comprise some of the most potent ingredients known for impeccable T-boosting properties, identified by science.

Obviously, this is a true mark of the quality and standards of the product.

Evidently, the two product has got similar ingredients. Still, the dosages to the particular ingredient vary in the two products which make them diverse and vary their efficiency.


Next, let’s have a look at the unique ingredients of the two-testosterone products.

Unique TestoGen Ingredients

  • Vitamin K1— Beneficial for bones and gets complements vitamin D in absorbing testosterone.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract— Prevents large amounts of testosterone from getting bounded by SHBG.
  • Boron— The element is an impeccable testosterone booster.
  • BioPerine— It increases the bioavailability of other constituents. Also, it reduces inflammation, fat-burning rate, and improve mood.

Hence, these are the secret behind the amazing efficiency of the testosterone booster.

Unique TestoFuel Ingredients

  • Vitamin K2 (menaquinone 4)— According to a study, it has positive testosterone boosting effects in rats. However, scientific evidence is yet to be extracted in terms of humans.
  • Oyster Extract— It’s known as a libido enhancer with positive T-boosting properties. It also contains zinc which already a TestoFuel.

Eventually, after comparing TestoGen vs TestoFuel, it’s clear that the products have two distinct ingredients. However, these fall flat in terms of getting any good benefits for you.

Lastly, after comparing the composition of the two products, we can conclude one as the best with regard to ingredients. Evidently, TestoGen seems to far better than the other T-booster.

Not only it encompasses an exclusive ingredient combination that delivers stunning results… But also the formula has adequate servings of each ingredient present in the formula.

Order TestoGen Today


What Benefits Do You Expect?

Obviously, the major benefits you can expect from a testosterone booster are higher T-levels. However, a natural T-booster comprises more power than you require.

Not just you will receive male hormone, but gain huge muscle mass, better energy and strength and a lot more than you thing.

Higher Testosterone Level Can Transform Your Physique!! All You Need To Do Is Pick The Right Product.

#1: TestoGen Benefits

When it comes to T-boosters Claims, TestoGen has the biggest word in the market. Not just it claims of boosting your testosterone production but transforming your physique.

Firstly, let’s see the major benefits you can receive with it.

  • Smashing Muscle Gain: The product is a mass muscle gainer which gets you massive muscle mass quickly. With higher testosterone level muscle gain becomes easy.
  • Unbeatable Energy & Stamina: with a higher testosterone level, your energy level reaches the peak. Simply, you would be energetic and active all day long.
  • Impeccable Strength: low strength is associated with a low testosterone level. Hence, when you T are at peak your strength reaches the top.
  • Incredible Performance: with astounding energy and unstoppable strength, you are going to break your own record at the gym. Get ready to transform yourself.

Other TestoGen Perks

  • Unique “Testosterone triple action” formula gets you amazing benefits
  • Comprises powerful T-boosting ingredients like including boron, ZMA, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and vitamin K
  • Consists of a rock-hard 2352 mg serving of the supreme DAA
  • Top-notch ingredients supplies
  • Incredible Efficiency and adequate quantity of each ingredient

You Receive Groundbreaking Benefits with TestoGen!


Next, let’s have a peek into the Benefits of TestoFuel. Does it even keep aligned with the incredible claims it makes?

#2: TestoFuel Benefits

TestoFuel has also made some similar claims of transforming your physique besides elevating your T-level.

Well, this exhaustively researched muscle building T-boosting supplement has really sound benefits. That’s why it has been used by renowned bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. Let’s have a look over it.

  • Real Muscle Gain: The Natural T-boosting formula increases your hormone level which is essential for muscle gain.
  • Increase Strength: With higher T-level and better muscle size, your strength and energy reach its peak.
  • Reduce Body Fat: Help reduces stubborn body fat, comprising on your stomach.
  • Improve your Mood: Higher T-level is linked with a good mood. So, it will be easier to stay motivated to keep to your own workout.

Other TestoFuel Perks

  • Known as “anabolic support complex”
  • Amazing Supplies 2300 mg dosages of D Aspartic Acid
  • Some exclusive ingredients ZMA, vitamin D, and vitamin K
  • Ingredient dosages are satisfactory to be operative
  • Has an advanced stacking strategy but ‘basic’ looking formula

Well, after reading this section, one thing is clear, TestoFuel too has got some serious advantages. Evidently, it’s going to boost your testosterone level and help you to gain lean muscle size.

Read TestoFuel Reviews to get unbiased results, so that you can better decide for the supplement.


However, comparing to TestoGen, its ingredient formula seems bland. TestoGen gets you some amazing advantage which is visible within a week’s usage.

Moreover, the results are LASTING which shows the real efficiency of the supplement.

Still, if you have any second thought before consuming the supplement, then you need to check out the next given section that will help you to know that whether testosterone boosters have any side effects or not.

TestoGen vs TestoFuel


TestoGen vs TestoFuel: Side Effects

Obviously, safety and comfort are the two important factors when you buy such supplements. Ultimately, you require a testosterone booster that is effective and boosts your physique with no damages.

To help you ease or strengthen your apprehensions, we have analyzed the side effects and safety factors of both the supplement.

#1: TestoGen Side Effects

TestoGen is not like other over the counter supplement in the market which hides its formula in the name of a proprietary blend. Actually, this means you can see exactly what the product contains in its formulation.

Well, the manufacturer of the product, Wolfson Berg, is known for its 100% natural and unbeatable product quality. Moreover, there is no side effect of TestoGen that makes you worry.

Further, no users have until now complaint about any negative consequences. However, Nettle Root present in the formula is known to lead to stomach issues.

Clearly, the testosterone formula by Wolfson Berg is completely SAFE to be brought in utilization. Well, that’s because of its well-researched natural formulation. Next, in the list, let’s have a peek in the side effects of TestoFuel.


#2: TestoFuel Side Effects

Despite the “anabolic support complex” tagline of the product, TestoFuel ingredients are in its 100% natural form. Moreover, like numerous products in the market, it doesn’t use any proprietary blend in its formula. Hence, you can see exactly what you are paying for.

However, the product contains oyster extract; it might be unsuitable for people who are allergic to seafood. Unless you are allergic to any of the TestoFuel ingredients, it’s 100% safe to use. Nonetheless, the case is rare and hasn’t been seen yet.

NOTE: Testosterone supplements are 100% safe to use. However, chances of side effects in case of allergy to any ingredient are probable.

Moreover, in the case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, disease, or if you are following the prescription, you need to avoid the product as it might lead to mild side effects. Also, people under 18 are also advised to skip it.


Made in the US and UK

The best thing about both TestoGen and TestoFuel is that they are produced in the US and UK respectively. Moreover, the production follows the strict standards and guidelines provided by the FDA and cGMP.

Eventually, the products manufactured here have tighter manufacturing than those in eastern countries. Hence, the two products encompass higher quality and standards.

Clearly, the chances of side effects are rare with the testosterone boosters.

However, one needs to check allergic to the ingredient present in the formula. Besides, it’s 100% safe to use. Next, take a look at the manufacturer’s detail of the product.


TestoGen VS TestoFuel: Manufacturer Details

Digging information about the manufacturer is quite necessary, it represents the brand’s worth, quality, and standard of the product. To do this, we would look at the brand reputation of both products and its existing product range.

Surely, it’s not going to deliberate the quality and standard of the testosterone.

However, taking a peek in the company’s commitment to excellence and science, let’s you know the quality and standard of the product. Simply, it works as an example. Let’s check it out.

#1: TestoGen Manufacturer

TestoGen comes under a well-known brand Wolfson Berg—Cyrus based health and Nutrition Company. Further, its other popular products include PhenQ (weight loss pills), Battle Ready Fuel (Incredible bodybuilding range), CrazyBulk (“staunch bodybuilding supplements”), and Capsiplex (fat burner).

Well, the manufacturer has made its mission to “inspire positive lifestyle change”. That’s why it sells such powerful product all with safe and 100% natural ingredients which don’t possess risks to your health. All of which help you to become more like a human.

Clearly, TestoGen manufacturer has a strong market presence with expresses brand authenticity. Moreover, getting manufactured under such a company simply states the unbeatable quality and standard of the product.

#2: TestoFuel Manufacturer

First, hit in the market in 2012, the TestoFuel is a popular testosterone-boosting supplement under the flagship of Roar Ambition. Moreover, the specialist health and sports product manufacturer has its roots based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Interestingly, TestoFuel was its first product, but soon after it is introduced the amazing Fat Burner Instant Knockout and also a pre-workout (4 Gauge) to its products range.

According to the company, it focuses on a small product range, so that it can deliver you with higher-quality supplements. That’s why you can buy the testosterone product only from its official website. Obviously, this stops you to bargain, but you get exciting offers and deals from time to time.

This was all about the supplement’s manufacturer.

TestoGen is far better than TestoFuel, as it lacks such brand credibility in the market. Further moving towards, we’ve compared the price of the two popular testosterone-boosting supplements to see which is the most budget-friendly.


TestoGen VS TestoFuel – Price & Package Details

Only efficiency, customer response or quality doesn’t approve a product as best. Evidently, the most affecting factor is the price.

Apparently, a highly effective product with a high price tag isn’t an ideal choice. It needs to be cost-effective and pocket-friendly so that it doesn’t only fit your requirements but to your overall budget.





1 x TestoGen Bottle (1 Month Supply)

120 Capsules



1 x TestoFuel Bottle  (1 Month Supply)

120 Capsules




2 x TestoGen Bottles + 1 FREE (3 Months Supply)

360 Capsules



2x TestoFuel Bottles+ FREE USA & UK Shipping (2 Months Supply)

240 Capsules




 3 x TestoGen Bottles + 2 FREE + (5 Months Supply)

600 Capsules



3x TestoFuel Bottles+ 1 FREE + FREE Worldwide Shipping (4 Months Supply)




Clearly, TestoGen is far more cost-effective than TestoFuel. After having a glance over the above chart, you can assume how expensive TestoFuel is.

Here, we have shared a packed comparison of the two-testosterone supplement that will help you understand the cost-efficiency.

  • One bottle of TestoGen is available for $59.99 only whereas you will be buying TestoFuel for $65. Hence, about $5.01 more expensive.
  • If you buy the second pack of the TestoGen, the price of one bottle falls to about $40. However, each bottle costs $65. Again, it’s about $15 costly, and a stupid choice to go for.
  • Coming to the third pack, one bottle of TestoGen comes about $36. On the other hand, for the third pack of TestoFuel, one bottle comes at $49 which is again costly about $13.

Simply, after this analysis, one thing is clear that the TestoGen is way cheaper than TestoFuel. However, TestoFuel is a working T-booster, but it’s highly-priced.

Moreover, if you look at other factors of the t-booster, TestoGen seems a clear winner. It offers you better deals, savings, and offers.

When you buy this testosterone booster, you don’t need to pay for shipping charges. Besides, you get freebies, discounts and amazing saving offers that you can go for.

Do They Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?


It’s worth citing that the two-testosterone boosters offer Money Back Guarantee.

TestoGen offers 60 days Money Back Guarantee. On the other hand, TestoFuel comes with a 90-day guarantee.

Here, the offer of TestoFuel is much very exciting. However, the entire process is much complicated. Obviously, the higher price rage again makes it risky to go for.

Coming back to TestoGen, if offers you risk-free 60 days money-back guarantee. Most importantly, the entire process is a way easier and hassles free. Moreover, their customer service will help you go with it.

Well, If still you are jammed between the two breakthrough testosterone boosting supplements, then take an overlook to the next table.


 TestoFuel vs TestoGen – Pros & Cons

Still, confused with the quest TestoFuel vs TestGen – which is the best between the two? Check Out…

TestoGen – Pros & Cons



  • Boosts The Production Of Testosterone.
  • Made From All Natural Ingredients.
  • Enhances Libido.
  • Facilitates Muscle Development.
  • Increases Energy.
  • Boosts Moods.
  • Risk-Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Offers Huge Discounts (If Buying Multiple Bottles).
  • Dosage Are Fully Disclosed.
  • Only Available From the Official Website.
  • Not Many Reviews On The Product Are Available Online.
  • Price Of The Bottle Is Quite Expensive.

Testogen vs testofuel


TestoFuel – Pros & Cons



  • Build Muscle 2.3 Times Faster.
  • Helps Increase Sexual Functions
  • Reduce Body Fats.
  • Safe and Organic Formulation.
  • Good Savings on Buying 3 Bottles.
  • No Negative Side Effects.
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Only Available at Official Website
  • Premium Price (More expensive than TestoGen)
  • Could Have Higher Dosages
  • No Anti-Estrogen Ingredients
  • A couple Of Ingredients Don’t Seem To Be Effective.

testofuel vs testogen

Breakthrough formulas!            

Comparing the perks of the two supplements, TestoGen gets more marks than TestoFuel.

With a number of advantages, TestoGen stands apart. On the other hand, TestoFuel is not at all bad. It has a good number of benefits, however, if it would be any other product instead of TestoGen it would be best.

Lastly, we have shared the conclusion about the best among the two – TestoGen Vs TestoFuel.

Well, our experts have shared their point of view to help you go with the best product. Do have a look to understand which product goes best with your testosterone requirement.


TestoGen Vs TestoFuel—Which Is the Best?

Of Course, You Would Be Thinking, What Should You Go For TestoGen Or TestoFuel?

Well, both of the supplements encompass solid ingredient composition. However, the results are probably one-sided, and that doesn’t disappoint us.

Obviously, TestoFuel has good ingredients composition, which makes it potent. Moreover, seven out of nine TestoFuel ingredients are very powerful and proven T-booster. That’s the secret behind the amazing TestoFuel benefits and the higher T-level.

However, against any other rival T-booster, TestoFuel would have been an avid winner. However, in this TestoGen vs TestoFuel fight, it falls flat against this real heavyweight champ.

Simply, TestoGen is the most powerful, potent and effective testosterone available. Designed after years of extensive research over several potent T-booster, it holds unbeatable testosterone boosting power.

The unmatchable points that make it wining are:

  • Consists of four distinct proven t-boosting ingredients than its competitor product.
  • Higher dosage of testosterone-enhancing ingredients present in the formula.
  • Ensures max efficiency of the ingredient by utilizing the inclusion of Bioperine.
  • Excludes non-proven compounds that make it safe and sound.
  • The easier and quick result with impressive benefits.

TestoFuel is good. However, if you wanna experience real knockout results, head over to the real T-smasher TestoGen!

A Brand New Opportunity to Begin the Life You Deserve! Grab TestoGen!

Testogen vs testofuel

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