TestoGen vs TestRX – Which Give You Best Result? [HONEST Comparison]

TestoGen vs TestRX

TestoGen vs TestRX

TestoGen vs TestRX – Top-Rated Testosterone Boosters [2020]

Low testosterone is a common problem among men stuck in the modernized way of living.

Not only this affects men’s health but makes bodybuilding one of the unachievable task to accomplish.

Here’s we have shared a detailed comparison review between the two very popular testosterone boosters TestoGen and TestRX that will help you to know which is the best supplement for you.

TestoGen, an advanced revolutionized formula with stunning results, become a best selling supplement from the time of its release.

On the contrary,

TestRX, a remarkable testosterone supplement, changed the lives of many with astonishing results.

Significantly, tough fight among the Superb T-booster!

With so much stunning claims, it’s quite confusing to choose a product that best suits your needs.

So, let’s take a look at the comparative analysis of the two (TestoGen vs TestRX) that will help you decide the most suitable male hormone supplement for your requirement.

Before we jump off to our subject wise research, let’s have a quick analysis to understand the products.


TestoGen vs TestRX | A Quick Comparison!

Testosterone boosting supplements have been in the market for long.

Obviously, it was the efficiency of the two product making them stay for such a long period.

Both the product holds some amazing advantages you can seek. Not only that, but there are also many interesting things to be known about the two T-booster.

TestRX vs TestoGen battle has just begun!

The table gets you a quick review of the popular testosterone supplement.

This quick comparative table will give you a deep insight into what these supplements are and what you can expect from these.

TestoGen vs TestRX


Fat Burning   

Muscle Mass

Key Benefit

Strength & Energy


Money- Back Guarantee





Lower Body Fat %

Increased Muscle Growth

Boost Your Testosterone Naturally


Take for atleast 1 Months - 6 Weeks  

60 Days

Worldwide Free Shipping



Loss of Weight 

Huge Muscle Gains

Higher Testosterone Production


Take for 2-3 Months For Best Results

60 Days 

Free Shipping Available On Selected Package



How Do You Decide Which Is Better In TestoGen vs TestRX?

To make your final choice, you need to know the differences between these supplements and what makes them stand out.

TestoGen vs TestRX – Key Differences

This section is specifically aimed at distinguishing both these T-Boosters based on their unique attributes.

And here’s the interesting part…

TestoGen and TestRX differ quite a bit in some areas making them suitable for different men based on their demands and preferences.

So, let’s not keep you waiting and jump right into the distinctions.

#1. Target Demographic

TestoGen is made out to be a comprehensive formula to fix the physiological and psychological repercussions of low T.

That’s actually why the supplement contains an impressive list of herbs and minerals for mind and body wellness.

This automatically enhances your drive and focus and you begin experiencing much fewer mood swings. Further, this might help things get better at home and at work too.

On the other hand, we have TestRX.

Are you a skinny man wanting to bulk up and attract the attention of the females around you?

TestRX is your best bet then.

It has specific combinations of vitamins and minerals popularly known as ZMA that can help you bulk up pretty fast.

Well, that’s not to say TestoGen will not make your muscles bigger.

But if bodybuilding is your prime goal, TestRX is an obvious choice.

Go for TestoGen to improve overall health and wellness and perform better at work and play.


#2. Result Time

Whether you try TestoGen or TestRX, you need and want fast results, right?

As for TestoGen, the improvements are visible within 1 week. And muscle development may take up to six weeks given you follow a training program.

But when we talk of TestRX, the makers state men should experience more stamina within the first month. And the noticeable changes in results should be visible between 1-3 months.

So, both the T-Boosters actually weigh almost equal in terms of fast results.

Though, TestoGen seems pretty up there with its promise of delivering improvements within 1 to 2 weeks.

If fast efficacy is what you are after, this is something to take into account.

But let’s put it out there…

Both TestoGen and TestRX show better results when taken along with a diet and training program. Thus, don’t just pop these pills and skip on your gym sessions.

The good news?

These T-Boosters will actually help by accelerating energy levels, strength, and stamina making you last longer inside the gym.


#3. Dosage

TestoGen and TestRX follow a per day serving of the pills but the way of taking them is poles apart.

Here are the details.

Both TestoGen and TestRX require you to take 4 pills per day.

But TestoGen follows a one time serving scheduled approximately 20 minutes before breakfast. On the other hand, TestRX Dosage is based on 2 capsules two times a day intake.

This is a major difference and you need to consider which kind of dosage pattern suits you better.

We know there are many men who don’t like taking lots of pills at a time and instead prefer dividing the intake. In such a case, TestRX is better for you.

But if you’re comfortable with taking your dose altogether at once and not worrying about it later in the day, TestoGen is better for you

TAKE NOTE: Don’t overdose in pursuit of faster results when the instructions only indicate a fixed serving per day. It might backfire guys.


So, these were the main differences in TestoGen vs TestRX.

What else might you consider before picking anyone in this TestRX vs TestoGen battle?

Obviously, your specific requirements and preferences.

The T-Booster made for you should fulfill your goals whether it be bodybuilding, boosting workouts, or improving aerobic performance

The next section deals with some of the indispensable factors for selecting the best testosterone booster for you.

Plus, we see how TestoGen and TestRX weigh in on the basis of all these factors.


What T-Boosters Actually Are?

Of course, the two supplements are reputed as working testosterone-boosting supplement. Besides, there are some stunning facts associated with the product.

In this segment, we’ve thrown light on some less known fact of the testosterone supplement.

#1: TestoGen—The Ultimate T-Boosting Solution


TestoGen, the revolutionized testosterone supplement, gain a quick reputation as the strongest test booster ever. Well, this was possible because of the stunning efficiency of the product.

Actually, the main perk of from selling point of view was its all-natural composition.

Surprisingly, the supplement is free from harmful steroids and artificial ingredients. This not only ensures the safety factor but multiplies the efficiency of the blend.

TestoGen Testosterone Booster excludes the nasty side effects and elevates your male health in no time.

What Does TestoGen Offer?

  • Upgrades Your Motivation Level And Boost Libido
  • Cuts Down Your Body Fat
  • Boosts Lean Muscle Mass And Increases Strength
  • Elevates Mental And Physical Performance
  • Lowers Your Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Level

This brief TestoGen Reviews got you an overview of the supplement.

Well, when using such over the counter products, you need to take every fact into account before going for it.

So, next, we have shared about the TestRX testosterone supplement to help you make your choice wisely.

Gain Confidence & Strength, Increase Testosterone With TestoGen


#2: TestRX — A Powerful Solution for Low Testosterone


Another top-notch testosterone enhancement solution is TestRX.

Actually, the T-booster was designed precisely to deal with unfortunate problems caused by “Low T.” Surprisingly, the supplement got users with smashing muscle making them excited.

Not only, TestRX effectively solved Low T issues but got numerous other advantages. Well, that’s the reason behind its instant popularity.

Actually, comparing to the latest research and findings the product seems to be a little outdated. Still, its efficiency is the same making it a favorite pick among users.

What Does TestRX Offers You?

  • Accelerates testosterone production naturally
  • Raises sex drive
  • Upsurges energy levels
  • Decreases body fat
  • Upsurges muscle mass and strengthen bones
  • Lessens stress and advances the quality of sleep

So, the TestRX Reviews got you a detailed insight into the popular testosterone booster.

Actually, being a T-booster it was set to improve your testosterone health.

However, with the discovery of muscle-building benefits, it broke out the selling record.

Smash Your Way to Bigger Muscles with TestRX T-Booster


Comparing the two supplements, there is a cut-to-cut fight.

TestoGen having an advanced formula is getting users with impeccable results. Meanwhile, TestRX after so much time still stands on their word which is impressive.

TestRX VS TestoGen—the T-booster has a tough fight!

Getting to the next step of the analysis of two T-booster, we will check out the supplement for several factors.

Eventually, you will be able to decide which product meets the requirements.


TestoGen vs Test RX | Things to Look For Before You Hit the Buy Button

Well, several factors can help you assess which testosterone supplement is best.

In this segment, we have inspected the T-booster for such factors to evaluate their efficiency, whether they fit your requirement.

So, here’s what you have to look before you place your order.

#1: Discouraging Factors

Despite being popular testosterone boosting supplements, there are a few facts that could have increased their efficiency.

If we take about TestoGen, the lower vitamin D3 content is quite unimpressive. Well, it’s lesser than the daily-required dosage for a significant benefit from it.

Obviously, litter higher Vitamin D content could make the supplement efficiency to another level.

On the other hand,

TestRX which has a little outdated formula has a lot of stuff to improve. Again, the Vitamin D3 quantity problem remains with the testosterone supplement.

Besides, the Zinc quantity is also lesser than required. However, it works and gets you a result that’s what matters most. Right?


#2: User Ratings

Users’ ratings let you understand the real capabilities of the product. Also, if there are any harmful effects of the product, you would know is beforehand.

TestoGen, manufactured by Wolfson Berg Pvt. Ltd. holds stunning users ratings of 5 stars out of five. We have gone through numerous TestoGen Customer Reviews, all of them being positive.

Evidently, this was an impressive fact associated with the supplement.

On the other hand,

TestRX testosterone booster, by Leading Edge Health, has shown immense results to users. Actually, most of the TestRX Testimonials are positive and stated it as a working supplement.

However, some users were not happy with the results getting TestRX a rating of 4.1 stars out of five.


#3: Key Benefits

The testosterone booster aids the greater majority with the benefits of overall well-being and men’s health.

Higher testosterone levels are necessary for a robust training session. This is why bodybuilders and fitness freaks are crazy for such products. This widens when the supplement is 100% natural formula.

Actually, the surprising facts behind this are the stunning benefits of testosterone booster other than higher male.

Well, that’s the prominent reason behind its extinguishing popularity.

TestoGen Benefits

TestoGen being an advanced T-boosting supplement gets you the power natural testosterone boosting. Besides getting you a higher male hormone, it does a lot.

  • Higher Testosterone Gets You Greater Muscle Growth
  • Boosts in Energy & Stamina
  • Improves Fitness Performance
  • Experience boosted libido
  • Elevates Free Testosterone Levels


TestRX Benefits

TestRX the smashing testosterone booster grabs you the benefits of the higher male hormone. Apart from that, you receive numerous other benefits.

  • Higher Testosterone Level Helps You Get Huge Muscles
  • Get You The Powerhouse Of Energy
  • Better T-Health Helps You Hold Greater Strength
  • Aids In Weight Loss
  • Crank Up Your Libido


#4: Cycle

When you’re using testosterone boosting supplements, you might question do you need to cycle it. Well, with such a product you need to know about.

The recommenced TestoGen cycle is up to 8 to 10 weeks

Well, cycling product enables you to see the visible difference with the effectiveness. Also, while cycling the supplement following TestoGen dosage is vital.

NOTE: Moreover, there’s no recommended TestRX cycle. Keeping up with the TestRX dosages is essential to get maximum results.


#5: Best Result in Fewer Days

Well, not only the benefits matter with the testosterone supplement you are getting. Also, you need to look for the timeframe in which the product is getting you the best result.

In term of getting you results, TestoGen wins the battle.

The advanced formulation of the T-booster with the most effective ingredients is set to deliver you fast results than ever.

On the other hand, if we compare TestRX with the speed of TestoGen Results, it’s slightly slower.

Well, the T-booster formula hasn’t been updated in recent years. It gives you the result at the same rate as earlier.

However, with the evolution of Moderns’ Science and Medicine, the better product has been formulated working at a faster rate.

TestoGen Reviews

Well, the aforementioned factors have got you a deep insight to help you select the best product for you.

However, there are other questions constantly popping up in your mind. Here, we’ve tried to answer those.


TestoGen vs TestRX FAQ’s

Q1: What Are The Ingredients?

The power of the supplement can’t be assumed with the claims made by manufacturers. However, it can only be evaluated with the combination of the ingredients it has.

In this segment, we’ve shared detailed insight into the stunning formula of these testosterone-boosting supplements.

What we found in the two supplements were several common ingredients.

Let’s have a look over the common constituents present in TestRX vs TestoGen.

TestoGen vs TestRX | Similar Ingredients

TestoGen vs TestRX

Actually, TestoGen in total has 11 ingredients in the composition 11th one being an add-on to increase the bioavailability of the T-booster.

On the other hand,

TestRX holds 7 potent ingredients in its formula. Not to our surprise, 6 of TestRX ingredients are present in the composition of TestoGen.

Here, we’ve looked at each ingredient for possible effectiveness.

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract: Effective in improving libido in men and also known as an effective T-booster.
  • Vitamin D3: Improves your overall bone health and density; it’s necessary for workouts.
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 deficiency is linked with lower testosterone. Of course, a balanced level of V B6 helps maintains your T.
  • Magnesium: A healthy intake of Mg promotes your T-production and improves your sleep quality.
  • Zinc: Known aphrodisiac, elevates libido and boost your testosterone density
  • D-Aspartic Acid: It regulates amino acids in your body to improve your male hormone density. Eventually, leads to better muscle growth.

Clearly, the inclusion of such powerful T-boosting ingredients points toward the major effects of the supplement.

To this end, both products hold a similar set of benefits.

Now, let’s have a peek in the uniqueness factor which makes the t-booster stand out from each other. At first, we’ve assessed unique testogen ingredients.

What In TestoGen & Not In Test RX? 

TestoGen is the most advanced T-booster upgraded with the latest findings. It’s has got all the powerful and potent T-booster known for long.

Besides that, the supplement includes the latest researched based ingredients to get you the best results.

Here’s what it has got:

  • Boron: Studies found it effective in elevating Free T and decreasing estrogen.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract: Research declared it as a T-boosting ingredient which in turn helps in muscle building and boosting libido.
  • Vitamin K1: Helps absorb Vitamin D necessary for higher testosterone levels.
  • Red Ginseng Extract: Well-known aphrodisiac, known for boosting men’s health.
  • BioPerine: Increase the bioavailability of other TestoGen ingredients.

Simply, TestoGen ingredients seem strong and sound to get the results it claims of.

With the latest finding, the product is set to deliver faster results than ever. Moreover, with BioPerine present in the composition, you get most from each of the ingredients.

Next, let’s check the exceptional TestRX Ingredients…

Testogen vs testrx

What’s In TestRX & Not In TestoGen? 

The supplement contains some potent ingredients known for boosting the male hormone and other benefits.

TestRX has not much in its formula having the wow factor. All of the ingredients present in the T-booster are also in TestoGen.

Simply, the other product delivers a similar set of results. However, there’s a single ingredient in TestRX distinguishing it.

Vitamin K2 (Mk4): This ingredient boosts your testosterone and also help regulates its density

Simply, if you go through the composition of these T-booster, you can come to a point.

Testrx online buy

TestoGen has a better ingredients selection whereas TestRX falls flat with one unique ingredient.

It is a stunning testosterone-boosting supplement encompassing powerful ingredients. Well, its composition stands unique and efficient to get you wonderful results.

Moreover, TestoGen holds the most advanced formulation, on the contrary, TestRX is not of much significance and seems a little bit outdated.


Q2: Do They Have Any Side Effects?

Side effects are the most common issues faced by users using this kind of supplement.

However, these testosterone products are completely natural and have no harm to your health.  Still, we have dig deep to figure out the side effects of TestoGen and TestRX.

#1: TestoGen Side Effects

Having a natural formula, the T-booster excludes the chances of side effects.

TestoGen comes with a unique composition created with the most effective and powerful ingredient which gets you immediate results.

However, none of the TestoGen ingredients have been previously reported for side effects.

Hence, the risks are lesser when using the T-boosting formula. So, you can use the testosterone supplement without any worries.


#2: TestRX Side Effects

TestRX has strong ingredients composition which gets you immense benefits. However, the formula hasn’t been upgraded for long by the manufacturer.

That’s why TestRX side effects are encountered among users from time to time such as:

  • Headaches
  • Bloating
  • Stomach upsets
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

Well, these are very mild side effects that fade away by using the testosterone booster for a couple of weeks.


Q3: Why Use Testosterone Booster?

Of course, the prominent testosterone supplement is formulated to get you a higher male hormone.

Besides that, the product grabs you with some amazing benefits you would like to have. All you need to pick in the T-booster fitting to your requirements list.

Here’s why you should go to TestoGen and TestRX.

#1: Why Use TestoGen?

TestoGen is one of the smartest and unique testosterone supplement ever made. Getting results quickly and efficiently is its major properties.

Go for TestoGen If you want—

  • Higher Testosterone Level In Lesser Time
  • Want Visible Result In 30 Days
  • Get A Bulky And Ripped Physique
  • More Energy And Strength
  • Faster Recovery


#2: Why Use TestRX?

TestRX contains an excellent blend of ingredients powerful in transforming your testosterone story. Still, being a slighter older formula but gets the T-booster gets you immense benefits.

Go for TestRX if you want—

  • Greater Muscle Growth
  • Boosted Male Virility
  • Better Energy And Strength


Q4: How to Take Testosterone Boosters? | Dosage & Serving Instructions

TestoGen and TestRX make it pretty easy to fulfill the body’s lack of essential nutrients with a daily serving.

This facilitates the uptake of vitamins and minerals over time that ultimately yields the results you need.

Below we discuss the specific dosage instructions of TestoGen and TestRX and the optimal serving.

TestoGen Dosage

  • Take 4 capsules per day
  • Each capsule is to be taken with a full glass of water
  • Consume all capsules around 20 minutes before breakfast
  • Follow the serving instructions on both workout and non-workout days

Further, each bottle of TestoGen has 120 capsules. And according to the TestoGen Dose of 4 capsules per day, one bottle will easily last you 1 month.

TestRX Dosage

  • 4 pills per day dosage
  • Take 2 capsules in the morning and other 2 in the afternoon
  • It is best to take each dose with meals
  • The makers recommend taking each dose with approx. 8oz of water

Well, we do find the TestRX Directions on the dosage to be a lot more grounded due to being distributed throughout the day.


Q5: TestoGen vs TestRX Reviews – What Do Users Say?

So, what changes men experience after using TestoGen and TestRX?

The effectiveness of a product is best judged when we see what the actual results are and how users perceive it.

As for TestoGen and TestRX, men from all around the world use these T-Boosters to achieve their goals.

Here is what consumers say after using the supplement.

TestoGen Customer Reviews

testogen customer review

I wanted to increase strength and stamina and bought TestoGen for its all-natural composition. And the results were impressive.

I gained 7lbs of lean muscle tissue. Plus I now experience more energy and stamina than before I was using TestoGen. I recommend this to all my guy friends having the same issues as me.


testogen before and after reviews

I wanted to lose some weight and get a toned body. My search for a good testosterone booster ended with TestoGen. I have been using it for some time and my weight has come down.

I also lost some belly fat. This is definitely the T-Booster I was searching for a long time.


Summing Up the TestoGen Results

Based on the above testimonials and other user reviews, TestoGen seems to be highly effective for losing weight and extra fat. TestoGen Results Before and After can be attributed to boosted T as depletion of testosterone is directly related to obesity.

Furthermore, TestoGen is also effective at helping build lean muscle mass and strength.

But what about TestRX? Do its users also experience the same positive results?


TestRX Customer Reviews

testrx customer reviews

I tried TestRX for about 8 weeks without making any changes to my diet. The results are amazing. My aim was to lose body fat but I was also able to bulk on 3-4 pounds of muscle tissue.

My muscles now feel harder and fuller. I would recommend TestRX to any guy wanting to put on muscle mass.


testrx customer review

TestRX definitely helps to get better athleticism and more energy and strength. This helps out inside the gym to work out better and the best part is workout recovery time decreases dramatically. It really made it easier to build lean muscle tissue and get fitter.


Summing Up the TestRX Results

TestRX Reviews indicate it performs as it promises. Its notable advantages include major lean muscle growth and enhanced strength in the gym.

Moreover, men also report faster workout recovery which automatically enables them to lift heavier weights over time. And that results in a better body and feeling more confident.


Q6: What’s the Price?

Well, the Price factor matters most when you are going to buy such over the counter supplement.

Here, we have compared the price of the two to see which of the T-booster is available at an affordable price.

First, let’s have a look at the pricing factor of TestoGen.

#1: TestoGen Price

TestoGen is available in three major packs, you can buy anyone according to your preference.

Here are the TestoGen price and packs.

  • One Month’s Supply: 1 TestoGen Box(120 capsules) at 59.99
  • Three Month’s Supply: 2 TestoGen Box + 1 Free (360 capsules) @ $119.99
  • Five Month’s Supply: 3 TestoGen Box + 2 FREE (600 Capsules) @ $179.99

Besides, the manufacturer gets you worldwide free shipping on each pack of TestoGen. Also, they offer time-to-time discounts and savings which makes it cost-effective and wise choice.

Buy Testogen Online


#2: TestRX Price

TestRX comes handy with 6 feasible packs. You can buy any one of them according to your testosterone requirements.

  • One Month Supply: One TestRX Box for $69.95
  • Two Month Supply: Two TestRX Box for $129.95
  • Three Month Supply: Three TestRX Box+ FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING for $179.95
  • Four Month Supply: Four TestRX Box+ FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING for $239.95
  • Five Month Supply: Five TestRX Box+ FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING for $299.95
  • Six Month Supply: Six TestRX Box+ FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING for $339.95


Buy Testrx Online

Comparing the pricing of the two testosterone-boosting supplements, we can clearly see TestoGen comes at an affordable side. It delivers a great deal with lots of freebies and offers.

Besides, if we took into account the benefits, TestoGen is, of course, a wise choice.

Till now, we clarified, about the two exceptionally popular testosterone-boosting supplements.

Well, using a T-Booster can help you deal with the issues arise from low testosterone levels. Actually, the male hormone is quite essential for bodybuilding, so these supplements are extensively popular among fitness freaks.

At last, we’ve shared the views of experts about the entire assessment.


TestoGen vs TestRX | Which Is the Best T-Booster?

At this point, we know what’s in your mind…

What should you buy—TestRX or TestoGen?

To be very clear, both are very solid testosterone formulas.

Well, if you have thought TestoGen vs TestRX battle to be extremely one-sided—you must have been disappointed.

Starting with TestRX, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most potent T-booster available. Surprisingly, five out of seven of TestRX ingredients are powerful and clinically proven for this purpose.

Evidently, using the supplement is going to bring improvements to your health.

Compared to any other rival product, TestRX would be declared a clear winner.

However, the problem is in the TestRX vs TestoGen fight, it’s like two heavyweight champions being a contender to each other.

So, TestoGen Wins This Battle!

TestoGen with its triple-action t-boosting formula with powerful natural ingredient composition stands winner to any other product. Simply, it’s the most advanced supplementation available for perking your testosterone level up in no time.

Faster than any other product found in the market, it gives you BETTER RESULT in a matter of a couple of weeks.


Actually, some other stunning factors are surrounding the supplement which makes it a clear winner. The formula

  • Comprising 4 more extravagant powerful T-boosting ingredients than its rival.
  • Adequate dosage of each T-boosting ingredient.
  • By effectively using each ingredient by the inclusion of BioPerine.
  • Excluding harmful additives.
  • Being easier on your pocket still being an impressive supplement.

So, Experience Jaw-Dropping ResultsWith TestoGen.


Testogen vs TestRX


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